Wreck-It Ralph Activity Book

Guide Ralph through the maze or design your own medal in this two-sided themed activity book.

What You'll Need
Regular paper or card stock
Wrinkle-free glue
How To Play
  • 1

    Print all pages of the activity book and cut them out.

  • 2

    Place the cover, illustration side down, on a flat working surface. Spread wrinkle-free glue over the entire back of the cover. Now, place pages 1 and 6 (with the illustration side up) directly on top of the glue so that the edges line up. Smooth out any wrinkles.

  • 3

    Place pages 2 and 5 (with illustration side down) and cover the back with glue. Place pages 3 and 4 (with illustration side up) directly on top of the glued surface, lining up the edges and smoothing out the wrinkles.

  • 4

    After the glue has dried, fold all pages in half. Place pages 3 and 4 inside 1 and 6 to complete your book. Staple the spine of the book to hold it all together.

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