Animal’s Music-Making Bracelet

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Get loud like Animal, the Muppet drummer and rock & roll icon! These bracelets let Animal fans make music everywhere they go. Inspired by Animal’s wild hair style, these bracelets are made by stringing brightly colored pom-poms with silver jingle bells. Get ready to rock!

Ages: 5 to 8
What You'll Need
Neon pom-poms
Small jingle bells
Clear .5mm jewelry cord, such as Stretch Magic
Large-eye hand sewing needle
How To Make It
  • 1

    Cut a length of clear cord approximately 6" long.

  • 2

    Thread the cord through the large-eye sewing needle. Let the end of the cord hang loose.

  • 3

    First, push the needle through the center of a pom-pom. Push the pom-pom onto the cord, but don't allow it to reach the end. You will need about a 1.5" length on each end of the bracelet to tie it off.

  • 4

    Thread a jingle bell onto the cord and follow with another pom-pom.

  • 5

    Continue to add jingle bells and pom-poms until you have about 4" of finished bracelet. Test the size of the bracelet by wrapping it around your wrist.

  • 6

    If necessary, add more pom-poms and jingle bells. If it fits, tie the two ends of clear cord together in a knot.

  • 7

    Slip the bracelet over your hand and rock out while you wear it.

  • 8

    Cut a length of clear cord approximately 6" long.

  • 9

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