Cinderella’s Magical Paper Coach Horses

What does a princess-to-be do when she misses her ride to the ball? Stand back and make way for some special magic, courtesy of her fairy godmother. Made from paper and embroidery floss, this majestic pair of coach horses is inspired by a couple of fairy tale mice and the quick wave of a magic wand.

How To Make It
Ideas for creating a scene for Cinderella's Coach Horses:

  • For the ground, use a tile floor or patio stones to simulate a castle courtyard. Or, cover a tabletop with stone-motif craft paper.

  • For a background, tape sparkly craft paper to a sheet of cardboard propped upright. Or, drape sparkly tulle material over the cardboard.

  • For a coach, use a silver foam pumpkin. Or, spray or sponge nontoxic silver craft paint on an orange foam pumpkin.

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