DIY: Storage Box for Disney Infinity Game Pieces

DIY: Storage Box for Disney Infinity Game Pieces

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Getting organized is easier when "there is a place for everything and everything is in its place".  My kids know where their things go so it is quicker and easier to clean up when it's time to put away their school supplies or toys.

I've found that this is more effective when they have had a say in the way we store their things. After seeing the Disney Infinity toys strewn next to our TV for a couple of days, I decided we needed to do something about it. And we did.

This DIY storage box for the Disney Infinity game pieces resembles our toy box with hinges on the back. We also a added a clothespin to hold cards or small pieces of paper and a handmade envelope to hold the circular and hexagonal Power Discs. My son is already asking for more power discs so he can collect/exchange them and give special powers to his Disney Infinity figures now that he has a special place for them.

Ever since we made this storage box, our Disney Infinity toys have had a special place to go in after being played with. And we recycled two boxes while we were at it!


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