Fairy Fashions

When it comes to dressing up, the fairies of Pixie Hollow are more than a fashionable bunch — they’re incredibly resourceful. Take Tinker Bell. Hand her a pair of garden clippers and an over sized leaf and she can create a vibrant, form-fitting garment in a few quick snips. And then there’s Rosetta and Iridessa, for whom flower petals are the material of choice to piece together fancy, frilly dresses.

With little more than swatches of scrapbook paper and some craft wire, you and your child can assemble a whole wardrobe of tiny fairy outfits, each on its own miniature hanger.

Time: 25 minutes
What You'll Need
Thin craft wire
Fairy outfits template
Scrapbook paper
Glue stick
How To Make It
  • 1

    First make five miniature hangers. For each one, cut a 4 1/2-inch length of wire. Bend the wire about 1 1/2 inch from each end.

  • 2

    Then twist the ends together a couple of times, as shown.

  • 3

    Shape one of the ends into a hook and trim the other end short, as shown.

  • 4

    Print the template. Cut out the pieces and trace them onto scrapbook paper the number of times specified on each item. Cut out the tracings.

  • 5

    To assemble Tinkerbell's dress, glue the two cutouts back-to-back, sandwiching a hanger between the layers at the very top of the garment.

  • 6

    For Fawn's outfit, glue the pant pieces back-to-back. Then glue the top pieces together, sandwiching the pants waist between the bottom edges and a hanger between the upper edges.

  • 7

    For Silvermist's dress, glue two of the cutouts together so that the ruffled edges overlap, as shown, to create the front of the gown. Do the same with the remaining two pieces to create the back of the gown. Then glue the dress front and back together, sandwiching a hanger between the top edges.

  • 8

    To create Rosetta's dress, glue two of the outer skirt layers onto one of the underskirt pieces, as shown. Do the same with the remaining skirt cutouts. Then glue the two assembled skirt pieces back-to-back.

  • 9

    Next, glue the two bodice pieces together, sandwiching the skirt top between the lower edges and a hanger between the top edges.

  • 10

    For Iridessa's dress, use three petals each to create the skirt front and back, as shown. Glue the assembled skirt pieces back-to-back. Next, glue two bodice cutouts together, as shown. Do the same with the remaining two cutouts. Glue the assembled bodice pieces back-to-back, sandwiching the skirt waist between the lower edges and a hanger between the top edges.

  • 11

    Now your child can hang her fairy wardrobe on a homemade miniature clothes rack crafted out of twigs and craft wire (like the one shown here) or on clothesline fashioned from string.

  • 12

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