Lumiere's Flickering Hearts Valentine

Of all the residents in the enchanted castle, Lumière is the one most likely to be voted a helpless romantic. Even after Belle leaves the castle, he remains convinced she will be the one to break the enchantress’ spell. And so she does — by confessing her love for the beleaguered beast. Who better than this clever candelabrum to shed a little light on your child’s valentine intentions?

Time: 20 minutes
What You'll Need
Craft or scrapbook paper (white and golden yellow)
Glue stick
8.5- by 11-inch sheet of cardstock folded in half for the card
Fine-tipped marker
Heart stickers or red finger paint
Small paintbrush
How To Make It
  • 1

    Print the candle and message page of the template on white craft paper and the candelabrum page on golden yellow craft paper. Cut out the pieces.

  • 2

    Glue the bases of the side candles and the center candle to the candelabrum cups. Then glue the candelabrum to the bottom of the card.

  • 3

    Draw wicks on the candle tops.

  • 4

    Now your child can press heart stickers (tips facing up) in place for candle flames. Or, for an extra personal touch, he or she can create finger-paint hearts by overlaping two red fingerprints on white craft paper, as shown, and then cutting out his or her favorites to glue in place.

  • 5

    Finally, add a handwritten or computer printed valentine message, such as No One Holds a Candle to You or You light up my day, Valentine!

If you want to make a bunch of these valentines, you can photocopy the card after step 2 and then let your child add wicks and flames to all the copies.

Cutting should be done by an adult.
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