Mickey & Minnie Luggage Tags

The next time your family is heading out of town, avoid luggage mix-ups by looping these cute Mickey and Minnie ID’s around the handles. For fun, kids can also use the tags to decorate a backpack or to dangle from a key chain.

Time: 1 Hour
What You'll Need
Craft or scrapbook paper (black, white, and other colors for Minnie's hat and the tag front and back)
Colored markers
Tiny flower sticker (optional)
Self-adhesive laminating sheet (sold at office supply stores)
Paper hole punch
Tape measure or ruler
Pony beads (one per tag)
How To Make It
  • 1

    Print the template and use the pieces as patterns for cutting out a white paper face and a black paper head. Cut the front and back tag pieces out of contrasting colors. If you're making a Minnie tag, cut out a paper hat in any color you child likes.

  • 2

    Use a pencil to outline eyes and a nose (1/2-inch ovals work well) and to draw a mouth on each face, as shown. Now your child can color in the features with black marker and add eyelashes for a Minnie tag.

  • 3

    Glue the face onto the head.

  • 4

    Next, glue the assembled head onto the tag front.

  • 5

    For a Minnie tag, use the marker to draw a brim line on the hat. Then glue the hat atop the head, as shown, embellishing it with a tiny drawn-on flower or a flower sticker.

  • 6

    Glue the tag front onto the tag back. Then print any contact information you'd like to include on the back of the tag.

  • 7

    Use a self-adhesive laminating sheet to seal the tag (front and back).

  • 8

    Punch a hole in the top of the tag and thread a 15-inch length of ribbon through the hole. Thread the ribbon ends through a pony bead, as shown, and slide the bead down to the top of the tag. Knot the ribbon ends together.

  • 9

    To attach the tag, simply loop the ribbon around the bag handle and slip the tag through the loop, as shown.

*Cutting should be done by an adult.
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