Minnie’s Polka-Dot Ornaments

You’d be hard pressed to find a more fashionable mouse than Minnie. No surprise then that Mickey’s little sidekick would have a real knack for sprucing up a Christmas tree — with her signature polka-dots, of course. These spotted paper ornaments are a blast for kids to create and make a nice complement to any collection. They’re also a great gift for teachers and scout leaders.

What You'll Need
Minnie's Polka-Dot Ornaments template
Scrapbook paper (gold, red, and white)
Thin cord or ribbon
Glue stick
Paper hole punch
How To Make It
  • 1

    Print the <a href="/sites/default/files/Template for Minnie's Polka-dot Ornaments.pdf" target="_blank">template</a> and cut out the pieces to use as patterns. For each ornament, cut a top from gold paper, a center from white paper, and two matching ornament shapes from red paper.

  • 2

    Fold the gold top piece in half and cut a small notch in the center of the fold. Tie a 7-inch length of thin cord or ribbon into a hanging loop and thread it through the notch, as shown, so the knot is sandwiched between the paper.

  • 3

    Glue the ornament top to the white center, as shown.

  • 4

    Stack the two red ornament shapes and punch rows of holes in them. Then glue the perforated circles to both sides of the white center.

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