Pub Thug Armor

Pub Thug Armor

When Flynn brings Rapunzel to the Snuggly Duckling, he doesn’t expect her to make friends with the crowd of tough guys who hang out there. It’s not long before the softer sides of the Pub Thugs are revealed when they call our their dreams. Protect your soft side by using felt to create your own pub thug arm cuff and shoulder guard. You’ll keep your dreams intact and look cool doing it!

What You'll Need
Pub Thug Armor template
Felt (light brown, dark brown, gray, dark gray, and slate blue)
Hot glue
Thick black ribbon, two pieces approximately 18 inches each
Brown yarn
4 adhesive Velcro dots
How To Make It
  • 1

    Print the template and cut out the pieces. Trace the arm cuff pieces onto the light brown felt. Cut out the felt cuff and then wrap it around your child's arm, narrow side at the wrist, to check the fit. It should fit snuggly around your child's arm with about an inch of felt overlapping. The length of the cuff should extend almost to the elbow. If it's too large it can be trimmed to be shorter or narrower.

  • 2

    Trace the straps from the cuff décor templates on dark brown felt; trace the round bolts on gray felt. Cut all of the décor pieces from the felt and glue them to the felt cuff.

  • 3

    To hold the cuff on the arm, use Velcro dots. Place 3 of the hook-sided dots along the edge of the decorated cuff.

  • 4

    Flip the cuff over so that the un-decorated side of the felt is facing up. Place the soft side of the Velcro dots on the opposite edge of the cuff so that they correspond to the hook-sided dots.

  • 5

    When the cuff is rolled, the Velcro dots meet and can be secured, creating a cone.

  • 6

    For the Shoulder Guard: To make the shoulder guard, trace the large oval template on the blue felt and the smaller oval on the dark gray felt. Cut out the felt ovals.<br />
    <i>Note: Some craft stores sell patterned felts. The one we used looks like alligator skin, and it works perfectly for this rough and tumble armor.</i>

  • 7

    Place the large, blue felt oval down in front of you and glue the ends of the ribbon to the narrow ends of the oval.

  • 8

    Glue the small gray felt oval on top of the large oval and ribbons.

  • 9

    Use scissors to snip 8 small holes about half an inch from each other and an inch from the outer edge of the armor. Lace the brown yarn through the holes.

  • 10

    Secure the yarn with a knot and a dab of glue on the underside of the armor.

  • 11

    Place the armor on the child&#39;s shoulder and pull the front ribbon strap across his chest diagonally, like a seatbelt. The second ribbon is pulled across his back and around to the side. Find the point where the two ribbons meet in front. Trim the excess ribbon, and crease the end to create a clean edge. Glue each folded edge. Finally, add one side of a Velcro dot to each end of the ribbon. The shoulder guard can be strapped on and secured using the Velcro dot.

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