Star Wars AT-ST Marionette

Star Wars AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) Marionette

So my 6 year-old son (aptly named 'Luke') loves Star Wars, as what 6 year-old doesn't, but he really loves the Imperial Walkers. I was around his age when I first saw Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and, Wow! It blew my mind. I must have chewed off my last fingernail in anticipation as the rebel Scouts on Hoth were looking into the snowy horizon for whatever impending doom I felt was approaching. The moment the 4-legged AT-AT's (All Terrain Armored Transports) appeared my jaw, I'm sure, was sitting on the floor. Shown for a small moment in the background of the Snow-Speeder and AT-AT firefight that followed, was the AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) or as Luke calls it, "The two-wegged walk-oh". It wasn't until Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi came out a few years later when the AT-ST was featured more prominently in the battle on Endor. I was recently reminded by my son how cool the walkers are and so decided to see if it were possible to make one from common household items and this is the result. May the Force be with you as you embark on your puppet-making adventures!

How To Make It
Warning: Cutting, hot-melt gluing, and spray painting is intended for adults only. Take great caution when cutting using a cutting matt and a cutting rail ruler. Keep these and all other materials out of the reach of children at all times and never leave them unattended for any reason. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable using these materials, please do not attempt to make this craft. We want you to have fun, but at all times safety must be the #1 priority.
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