The Captain’s Compass

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Considered one of the most treasured items on the Seven Seas, Captain Jack Sparrow’s Compass will do you no good when it comes to finding true north. Given to the infamous captain as a gift from Tia Dalma, it’s designed, instead, to lead to what your heart wants most.

This palm-size replica is fitted with a spinnable compass needle that a young pirate can point toward the object of his own heart’s desire.

Time: 1 hour
What You'll Need
2 miniature square jewelry or craft boxes with covers (sold in large craft supply stores)*
Craft knife
Black acrylic paint
Compass templates
White cardstock or heavy weight paper
Red marker
Non-toxic gold leaf pen
Glue stick
Paper hole punch
Brass paper fastener
How To Make It
  • 1

    Remove the covers from the boxes and set them aside to use for the compass case. Discard one of the boxes and use the other to make the inner face of the compass by trimming the sides so they are the same height as the box lids. An easy way to do this is to set the bottom of the box inside the cover, as shown. Then trace along the edge of the lid and cut the box along the pencil line.

  • 2

    Paint the outsides of the trimmed box and one of the covers black. Paint the second cover inside and out to serve as the top of the compass case.

  • 3

    While the paint dries, print out the compass templates and cut out the pieces. Trace the larger circle, the compass needle, and the hinge onto white cardstock. Cut out the tracings.

  • 4

    Center the smaller template circle atop the cardstock circle and trace around it with red marker.

  • 5

    Next, use the ruler and marker to divide the cardstock circle into eight wedges. Draw additional marks to divide the border of the circle into sixteenths.

  • 6

    Use the gold leaf pen to color the compass needle and the hinge, and to outline the edges and tops of the compass face and case, as pictured.

  • 7

    Glue the circle onto the compass face. Then use the craft knife to make a small slit through the center of the circle and the underlying cardboard.

  • 8

    Punch a hole through the center of the compass needle and insert the paper fastener through it and then down through the slit in the compass face.

  • 9

    Spread the fastener ends on the underside of the cardboard keeping them loose enough for the needle to spin.

  • 10

    Insert the compass face into the case bottom and then set the case top in place. Glue the paper hinge to the back of the case, as shown.

Cutting should be done by an adult.
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