Bobbing for Nemo

Use colorful kitchen sponges to create this school of Finding Nemo-inspired fish. Kids will love using aquarium nets to go bobbing for their favorite movie characters — like Dory, Peach and Nemo.

Player: 2+
What You'll Need
Clean, new sponges in orange, blue and pink
How To Play
  • 1

    Print and cut out the templates.

  • 2

    Use templates to trace shapes onto clean, new sponges. This works best when sponges are still damp from their packaging. Note: Tracing is a good task for preschoolers working on their hand-eye coordination.

  • 3

    For Sponge Painting: Use sponges to re-create Finding Nemo art. Have kids dip sponges in paint and then press them onto blue construction paper, creating their own under-the-sea scene.

  • 4

    For Bath Time: Have fun in the tub with your Nemo friends. Give kids clean, new aquarium sponges and let them try to catch the floating sponges.

  • 5

    For Party Time: Drop sponges into a tub of water. Have kids take turns using aquarium nets to fish out their favorite sponges. Aquarium nets come in a variety of sizes; have kids try catching all of the sponges in a big net, or have them try to grab one sponge in a small net. After the party, guests can take sponges home as favors.

Additional Information
Safety note: Grown-ups should always monitor children when playing with water.

Cutting should be done by an adult.
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