Check Out Our Ear-resistibly Cute February Calendar and Coloring Page

image source: elise apffel | disney family

Love and friendship are in the air. And we call it bella notte!

This February, we have a lot to celebrate—from pizza and Valentine’s Day to Tsum Tsum and Lady and the Tramp. Download and print our February 2018 calendar to keep up-to-date on these weekend activities and other Disney holidays. Remember to share your family pics using hashtag #DisneyWeekend on Instagram.

image source: elise apffel | disney family

One ear-resistibly fun activities? Coloring in this adorable Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsum coloring page.

For more Mickey magic, try this mini cake:

What You’ll Need

  • Cardstock or regular paper
  • Colored pencils or crayons

How To Play

  1. Download and print the Disney Family February 2018 calendar. Hang it up on your fridge, desk, or family message board.
  2. Tag @DisneyFamily on Instagram and use the hashtag #DisneyWeekend to show us how you bring Disney magic to life each weekend!
  3. Then download and print the lovable coloring page and let your kiddos color in the adorable Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsum.
Posted 3 years Ago
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