Did you know… Hidden Mickey’s were hidden (and continue to be hidden) in the sidewalks, walls, attractions, murals, and countless more places all around Disney Theme Parks by the Disney builders themselves, the Imagineers? There are books and websites dedicated to this never-ending fun-filled hidden Mickey search. It’s the magical hunt that never ends!

For a fun and super easy way to incorporate Hidden Mickey’s into your little preschooler’s play time, try this learning game that encourages color and shape recognition.

Players: 1+

What You’ll Need

  • Cardstock (various colors)
  • Glue
  • Black felt
  • Black buttons (various sizes)
  • White crayon

How To Play

  1. Print out the Mickey Mouse template page and cut out each Mickey head. Trace each one onto black felt with a white crayon.* Then cut each one of those out too.

    *You can also draw Mickey heads free-hand on black felt with a white crayon.

  2. Draw circles, triangles, squares and rectangles onto different color pieces of cardstock and cut them out. Make sure each shape is big enough to glue a different sized Mickey head inside of it.

    For this version of the game, the colors were kept basic for easy learning and easy spotting: red, blue, green, yellow and orange.

    For a more complicated version of the game, camouflage, transparent, or no paper backing can be used. That makes spotting the Mickey’s a bit harder.

  3. Gluing the Mickey heads onto the cardstock is a good way to get the kids involved in putting the pieces together.

    To vary the material used and to get the kids even more involved, gather black buttons of various sizes (or buttons of any color that you may have on hand) and shape them into a Mickey head. Glue those onto a few of the cut out shapes for game piece variation.

  4. Once the pieces are assembled, set them aside pieces to let the glue dry.
  5. Play time:

    – Hide all of the game pieces in various locations around the house.

    – Once they’ve all been “hidden”, set your kids free to roam the house and find as many as they can.

    – Whenever they find a Hidden Mickey, have them say the color and shape out loud.

    – Once all of the Mickey’s are found, they can be hidden again for countless amounts of fun. The magical hunt never ends!

Additional Information

Cutting should be done by an adult.

Posted 7 years Ago
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