Hit the highway with Mater as you race towards calling “bingo” in this high-speed take on the classic game.

Players: 2+

What You’ll Need

  • Regular paper or cardstock
  • Checkers pieces (to use as bingo markers)
  • Pen or pencil (optional)

How To Play

  1. Print your bingo cards on regular paper or cardstock — make sure there is one for each player.
  2. The box in the center is free.
  3. Look for each of the objects on the card. The first player to spot an object and call it is the one who gets to mark the card. If another of the same object is spotted by any other player, he or she can call it and mark it as well.
  4. The first player to complete a row of 5 objects wins. Up, down, across, and diagonal rows are all acceptable.
Posted 7 years Ago
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