This shadow art activity is a fun way to teach little ones about shapes and light. Take your sketchbook outside, or use a desk lamp to shine light onto your workspace. Preschoolers will love experimenting with the various shapes that the shadows create as the light changes. FindĀ The Lion Guard Figure Play Set at the Disney Store.

Players: 1+

What You’ll Need

  • The Lion Guard Figure Play Set
  • Sketchbook or paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Additional toys or objects to trace around

How To Play

  1. Set up your sketchbook outside in the sunshine.
  2. activity step item image

  3. Place toys or figures onto sketchbook. Turn them in different directions and see how their shadows change.
  4. activity step item image

  5. Encourage little ones to trace around the shadows to reveal their very own shadow art!
  6. To take the shadow art to another level, color it in with crayons or paints.
Posted 4 years Ago
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