Surprise your family with an animal-inspired scavenger hunt that ends with Zootopia movie tickets! Use fun paper, like a Zootopia journal, to write out clues and hints that will lead your kids around the house. Soon they’ll solve the case just like Judy Hopps.

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What You’ll Need

  • Paper
  • Pen

How To Play

  1. Write out clues (listed below) on individual sheets of paper. Place around the house with a surprise at the final clue!
  2. Place CLUE #1 in the living room:

    When you’ve gathered your things,
    Brushed your teeth and HARE
    We’re ready, HOP to it
    We exit through there

    Answer: Front Door

  3. Place CLUE #2 on the front door:

    This is the MANE place for you to LI-ON
    When it’s time to catnap or to sleep ‘til dawn

    Hint: You should check for monsters and dust BUNNIES here.

    Answer: Under the Bed

  4. Place CLUE #3 under the bed:

    Wearing germs to bed?
    “This won’t work,” I’d say
    You HIPPOPOTO-MUST scurry to wash them away

    Hint: Where do you go to get PURR-fectly clean?

    Answer: Bathtub

  5. Place CLUE #4 in the bathtub:

    You get so BEAR-y hungry while learning and playing
    You grab this when “Grrr-Rumble” is what your tummy is saying

    Answer: Lunch Box

  6. Place CLUE #5 in a lunch box:

    Call it an iceberg, or box if you will
    This place could keep a POLAR BEAR chill

    Answer: Refrigerator

  7. Place CLUE #6 on the refrigerator:

    Some are RHI-nonsense, others more for a scholar
    Look here for a book by your favorite SLOTH-er

    Answer: Bookshelf

  8. Place CLUE #7 on a bookshelf:

    This carries so many things for all that you do
    It’s not a Yak Pack,
    But that’s silly; you already GNU

    Answer: Backpack

  9. Hide the final surprise inside your child’s backpack. Hooray!
Posted 4 years Ago
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