20 Crafts & Recipes to Inspire Your Family on Plant a Flower Day

Spend this golden afternoon planting a flower and celebrating all things floral! In honor of National Plant A Flower Day, we’ve put together this list of fun flower crafts and recipes.


Tinker Bell’s Real Flower Crown

Tinker Bell Flower Crown Cropped Square

Gather the flowers in your garden to create Ttinker Bell’s Real Flower Crown!


Snow White’s Fruit Flower Bouquet


Snow White’s Fruit Flower Bouquet makes for a beautiful — and deliciously edible — centerpiece.


Tangled Golden Sun Flower Pot


Unleash your inner artist when you make this Tangled Golden Sun Flower Pot!


Disney Fairy Flower Headband


This Disney Fairy Flower Headband is an adorable craft and hair accessory! 


Disney Fairy Flower Crown


Nothing makes you feel as special as a this Disney Fairy Flower Crown atop your head, and this one is sure to put a smile on any young fairy’s face.


Fantastical Felt Flowers


Made from felt, these Fantastical Felt Flowers  are great at lending a fashionable flair to a child’s sun visor or headband.


Ewok Flower Vase


Bring a little bit of Endor to your next party with this super-easy-to-make Ewok Flower Vase.


Princess Aurora’s Flower Pots


Pink! Blue! Make these Sleeping Beauty-inspired Flower Pots and you can have both!


Standup Sunflowers


These Standup Sunflowers are inspired by the bountiful sunflowers in Pocahontas.


Flowers-and-Ice Fairy Friendship Bracelet

fairy-friendship-bracelets-a-disney-craft-photo-420x420-clittlefield-002 (1)

As a tribute to the special bond that forms between them, this Flowers-and-Ice Fairy Friendship Bracelet combines elements of summer and winter — pretty purple flower blossoms and beads as clear as ice.

Alice in Wonderland Golden Afternoon Flowers


What a golden hour for these Fun Flowers!


Everblossom Cupcakes


These delicate and delicious Everblossom Cupcakes are almost too cute to eat.


Scented Paper Flowers

These black-and-white Scented Paper Flowers are a sweet-smelling craft.


Rosetta’s Fairy Flower Bouquets



The best part of these Fairy Flower Bouquets is that they last the whole year through!


Iridessa’s Good Luck Sunflower Cupcakes


These sweet Good Luck Sunflower Cupcakes shine bright and make the whole family smile.


Disney Fairy Flower Rings


There’s no better way to accessorize than with these Disney Fairy Flower Rings!


Daisy’s Daisies


Daisy’s Daisies are as cute and fun as Daisy Duck, herself.


Queen Clarion’s Crown


Queen Clarion’s Crown is a fun way for your little ones to turn their favorite flower picks into a pretty spring crown of their own.


Lotus Blossom Hair Comb

Taking a page from Mulan, we believe the Lotus Blossom (Hair Comb) that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.

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