51 Ideas to Spice up Boring Mashed Potatoes this Thanksgiving

whole cooked turkeyMashed Potatoes are a must for Thanksgiving. They are really simple to make. Just wash peel, and chop your potatoes in similarly sized pieces. Then add them to a large pot and cover with water. Add a little salt and boil until they are very tender and starting to fall apart.  From there, you want to drain you potatoes and add them back to the pot. For simple potatoes, add butter and milk or cream. Mash them using a potato masher until you get the consistency you want. Add more milk or cream to thin them as needed.

As delicious as simple potatoes are, they can be a bit boring when made the same old way. Here are 51 of  my favorite add-in’s to make your mashed potatoes really stand out this holiday.

  1. Make your mashed potatoes with red potatoes, and leave the skins on.
  2. Add a couple of parsnips to your potatoes when cooking for a spicy parsnip and potato mash.
  3. Make your mashed potatoes with Yukon gold potatoes, for delicious gold mashed potatoes.
  4. Add a couple cloves of garlic for garlic mashed potatoes
  5. Mash your potatoes with buttermilk instead of regular milk to make them extra tasty.
  6. Add a chipotle pepper and a teaspoon of adobo sauce for chipotle mashed potatoes.
  7. Mash your potatoes with sour cream instead of milk for an extra zippy taste.
  8. Make your mashed potatoes into a skinny version by mashing them with chicken or turkey stock.
  9. Add crisp bacon bits to your potatoes, because, well bacon makes everything better.
  10. Add a celery root to your potatoes when cooking to change up the flavor.
  11. Roast garlic first and add to potatoes when mashing for a roasted garlic mashed potato
  12. Add a turnip root to your potatoes when cooking.
  13. Add chopped fresh parsley for fresh flavor.
  14. Add chopped fresh chives for a classic taste everyone will love.
  15. Adding chopped ham is another way to spice your potatoes up with meat.
  16. Add chopped fresh sautéed spinach to make them even more healthy for your kids.
  17. Add a little smoked paprika for extra flavor.
  18.  Add a few teaspoons of diced, jarred pimentos.
  19. Add chopped and pitted Kalamta olives to make them Greek inspired.
  20. Add a few carrots to your cooking potatoes for a simple carrot- potato mash.
  21. Add a little chili powder to spice up your potatoes with heat and flavor.
  22. Add a fennel root to your cooking potatoes for a fennel – potato mash.
  23. Add cheddar and a chopped jalapeño for spicy cheddar jalapeño mashed potatoes.
  24. Add scallions for fresh onion flavor to your potatoes.
  25. For a sweet version, try adding applesauce and a little cinnamon and nutmeg.
  26. For an Italian version, add cooked pancetta to mashed potatoes.
  27. Add fresh rosemary for incredible herb mashed potatoes.
  28. Stir in hummus to your mashed potatoes.
  29. Add fresh sage to your potatoes.
  30. Add a large pinch of saffron to your cooking potatoes for saffron infused mashed potatoes.
  31. Add fresh thyme to your mashed potatoes.
  32. Add a few tablespoons of pesto to your mashed potatoes for another Italian flair.
  33. For a different spicy version, try mashing your potatoes with a few tablespoons of horseradish.
  34. Add smoky shredded Gouda cheese for a smoky twist on mashed potatoes.
  35. For a cheesy Italian mashed potato, add shredded Mozzarella, Romano and Parmesan cheese.
  36. For Spanish flavor, try adding crumbled Spanish chorizo to your mashed potatoes.
  37. You could also try adding cooked and crumbled sweet Italian sausage for Italian sausage mashed potatoes.
  38. Make your classic mash with butternut squash instead of regular spuds.
  39. Add chopped leeks to your cooking mashed potatoes for a leek- potato mash
  40. Add a rutabaga to your cooking potatoes for a rutabaga – potato mash.
  41. For a cheesy Greek version, crumble your favorite feta cheese in the potatoes.
  42. Instead of using ordinary butter, brown butter first before mashing with potatoes.
  43. For potatoes with an Indian flair, add a teaspoon each of turmeric, cumin and coriander.
  44. Add chopped sun-dried tomatoes to your mashed potatoes for a fun twist.
  45. Add blue cheese crumbles for a wonderful flavor.
  46. Add cream cheese to your mashed potatoes so they are extra creamy.
  47. Add boursin cheese for potatoes that rich, creamy, and lighter in calories.
  48. Add a teaspoon of Wasabi powder for spicy Japanese style potatoes.
  49. Mash your potatoes with Greek yogurt to make a healthier version that is still creamy and tangy.
  50. Use curry powder or paste for another spicy version of mashed potatoes
  51. Trust me on this one, mash your potatoes with mayonnaise, it is tangy, creamy and wonderful!
Posted 10 years Ago
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