A Spooky DIY Halloween Guide

halloween disney diy

Whether your Halloween season is spooky or especially sweet, it will certainly be best when crafted with your own two hands. Get the family in on these Disney-themed DIYs for a haunted holiday you won’t forget!

1. Pumpkin Carving Ideas


Switch up the traditional jack-o’-lantern for a Disney-inspired twist! From Frozen‘s crew to the happy gang in the Hundred Acre Wood, these templates will transport your pumpkin anywhere in the Disney universe (without ever leaving your doorstep!).

2. Halloween Crafts


Invite Mickey, Jack Skellington, or even Ursula (if you dare) over for some creative holiday crafting, and watch as your world becomes as batty and bewitching as a trip through Halloween Town.

3. Halloween Games


Would you be brave enough to bob for the Evil Queen’s apples? If you’re in the mood for some tricks right along with your treats, get your game on with these Disney-inspired Halloween activities.

4. Kids Halloween Costumes


Whether your little one wants to be “fairest of them all” or save the world with mighty Thor, what’s most important is that their imagination runs free. Though, helping them look the part with these DIY Disney Halloween costumes doesn’t hurt either!

5. Halloween Decorations


The true sign of any Disney fan is the homemade Halloween decorations they use to adorn their (hopefully less than) haunted mansion.

6. Halloween Recipes


Halloween wouldn’t be half as fun without its signature sweets. Luckily, the Disney characters have agreed to share their recipes with you, guaranteeing that no house on the block will be able to hold a candle to your crazy delicious dishes.

7. Halloween Printables


Getting on the villain VIP list can be pretty tricky, so let these scary fun Disney-designed printable crafts and projects do the wicked work for you.

Posted 3 years Ago
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