Baby Names Inspired by Disney Fairies

disney fairies

For those of you who prefer baby names with a touch of whimsy, you may want to consider a fairy name. In fact one might argue that when it comes to parenting all one really needs is a little faith, trust and pixie dust.

Of course, I’d recommend adding love and diapers too.

When we think of Disney Fairies it isn’t unusual to immediately think of Tinker Bell—but she isn’t the only fairy to flutter her Disney wings. Take a look at a few baby names inspired by the fairies of Disney:

1. Bell (as in Tinker Bell)

The name bell means “ringer of the bell.” Tinker Bell, is a “tinker fairy” and is known for being sweet, sassy and loyal. She’s also quite the fairy fashionista.

2. Zarina

The name Zarina means “a golden vessel.” Zarina is a fairy who is described as ambitious, curious and compassionate. She’s also the “dust keeper fairy.”

3. Fawn

Fawn is the name used to describe a baby deer. Fawn is an “animal fairy.” She’s a tomboy and nurturer who likes adventure.

4. Vidia

Vidia is confident and feisty. She’s also known for being the fastest fairy.

5. Periwinkle

Periwinkle is a purple blue color, making this name a color name. Periwinkle is a “frost fairy” and is said to be both curious and fun.

6. Rosetta

Rosetta means “splendid.” Rosetta is a stylish fairy who has “charisma.” She’s a “garden fairy.”

7. Iridessa

Iridessa is “cautious” and “focused.” She’s a “light fairy.”

8. Silver (as in Silvermist)

The name Silver is a “word name,” color name and the name of a metal. Silvermist is a “water fairy.” She is sweet, easygoing and likes to help others.

But wait, there are more Disney fairies beyond those that reside in Pixie Hollow. Princess Aurora of Sleeping Beauty had three fairy godmothers.

9. Flora

Flora’s name means flower. Flora gave Princess Aurora the gift of beauty.

10. Fauna

The name Fauna means “the animals of a specific area.” Fauna gave Princess Aurora the gift of song.

11. Merry (as in Merryweather)

The name Merry on its own means lighthearted or happy. As a result of the curse made by Maleficent, Merryweather declared that rather than dying after touching a spindle, Princess Aurora will fall into a deep sleep and be awakened by “true love’s kiss.”

For more Disney magic, check out this Peter Pan pumpkin:


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