21 Baby Shower Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want to Hang on To

The best baby shower party favors

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Of life’s sweetest celebrations, baby showers remain among the most cherished. With guests traveling from far and wide to offer well-wishes, precious gifts, and their very best parenting advice, a meaningful memento can often mean so much.

When it comes to choosing the perfect token of thanks, favor ideas are aplenty. Some are cute and classy while others are punny or personalized — and that’s just the beginning! The good news is that a great gift of gratitude can keep on giving when you keep your guests in mind.

Check out 21 baby shower favors that are guaranteed to become instant favorites.

1. Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

heart-shaped measuring spoons
Image source: Beau-coup.com

Made with love, mama’s bun in the oven is cause for sweet celebration! Labeled “Love Beyond Measure”, these precious heart-shaped measuring spoons are the perfect little treasure for guests to enjoy whipping up future recipes. Best of all, each measuring spoon is engraved with a unique message of love.

Available from Beau-coup.com; $2.55 – $3.42 each based on quantity

2. Sugar Body Scrubs

body scrub cubes
Image source: Etsy/BB Buttons Co

Shower the people you love with baby soft skin! With your choice of four delicious sugar scrub varieties and 19 tag colors, this sweet and indulgent gift will bathe your guests in luxury.

Available from Etsy shop BB Buttons Co starting at $15

3. Bath Pouf Baby Rattles

bath poufs
Image source: Etsy/Kristins Whimsy

Aside from being a “smooth” way to say thanks, your guests will go ga-ga over these practical and oh-so-pretty bath pouf baby rattles.

Available from Etsy shop Kristins Whimsy; $4.50 each

4. “A Baby is Brewing” Can Koozies

Image source: Etsy/Coffelt Designs

There’s nothing “cooler” than a personalized koozie commemorating a baby’s impending arrival, is there? (I didn’t think so.) With your choice of 46 koozie colors and 29 ink shades, these favors will not only serve as guest favorites, they’ll perfectly complement your shower decor, too.

Available from Etsy shop Coffelt Designs starting at $65

5. Nursery-Scented Candles

Image source: Amazon

Guests can swoon over that intoxicating newborn baby smell anytime they want with these baby powder, baby shampoo, and first blanket scented soy wax candles. Whether you choose to give each scent individually or gift them as a pack of three, each lead-free candle burns for 25-30 sweet-smelling hours.

Available from Amazon; $28.97 for a set of 3

6. Wildflower Seed Packets

seed packets
Image source: Etsy/SuLuGifts

Sow the seeds of love with these personalized earth-friendly seed packet favors. As affordable as they are adorable, a little water and some soil is all they need to blossom into something gorgeous.

Available from Etsy shop SuLuGifts; $14 for 20

7. “Sugar & Spice” Sugar Bowls

ceramic sugar bowls
Image source: Beau-coup.com

Celebrate the upcoming arrival of a precious baby girl with these gift-ready ceramic sugar bowls. With “Sugar & Spice” written on one side and “Everything Nice” on the other, your guests will delight in the sweetness of your sentiment with every use.

Available from Beau-coup.com; $3.55 – $4.45 each based on quantity

8. “She’s About to Pop!” Mini Champagne Bottles

mini champagne bottle
Image source: Etsy/Label With Love

Cheers and happy tears — baby’s almost here! Pop some customized bubbly and grab a cute straw; it’s time to celebrate!

Labels available from Etsy shop Label With Love starting at $16.99, mini champagne bottles available from Amazon, $98.88 for set of 24

9. Personalized Bottle Stoppers

bottle stopper
Image source: Favors LTD.com

With champs poppin’ and hearts overflowing, these sophisticated personalized bottle stoppers are sure to inspire warm and fuzzy feelings for years to come.

Available from Favors LTD.com; $1.65 – $2.47 each based on quantity

10. Baby Carriage Bookmarks

metal bookmark
Image source: Beau-coup.com

With a signature pink or blue satin tassel, this intricate metal bookmark is as functional as it is fabulous. Beautifully packaged for giving, this darling favor symbolizes a precious new chapter of life.

Available from Beau-coup.com; $1.30 – $1.45 each based on quantity

11. Eos Baby Rattles

baby rattles
Image source: Etsy/Sadies Specialty

Can’t wait to kiss the baby? With these EOS lip balm baby rattles, your lips will be baby soft in no time. (And who doesn’t love an EOS balm?!)

“Rattles” available from Etsy shop Sadies Specialty; $35 for 25, EOS lip balms available from Amazon, $149.99 for 48

12. “Sweet as Can Bee” Clover Honey Jars

jars of honey
Image source: Kate Aspen

Everyone’s sure to be buzzing about these nectarous novelties! Sweet and stylish, these gourmet clover honey pots are as distinctly southern as they are sweet.

Available from Kate Aspen; $90 for 24

13. “Mommy to Bee” Honeycomb Soaps

Image source: Kate Aspen

While your baby-to-be may be sweeter than honey, these honey-scented glycerin soaps are a lavish way for guests to get their lather on.

Available from Kate Aspen; $1.60 – $2.16 each based on quantity

14. Sweet Little Hair Ties

Image source: Etsy/LoveMiaCo

Sweet little hair ties to commemorate sweet little baby? Yes, please! When it comes to shower favors, this one is pretty, practical, and perfect.

Available from Etsy shop LoveMiaCo; $17.50 for 10

15. Personalized Mason Jars

mason jars
Image source: Kate Aspen

Showers were made for celebrating … (and also for sipping on favorite drink). These 16-ounce personalized mason jars are party-perfect favors. Bottom’s up!

Available from Kate Aspen; $3.20 – $4.00 each based on quantity

16. Little Princess Photo Frames

gold photo frame
Image source: Party City

Send guests home with a royal token of appreciation with these little princess photo frames. Customization is easy: just frame a personalized message of thanks, and you’ve got the crown jewel of baby shower favors.

Available from Party City; $1.99 – $2.49 each based on quantity.

17. “World’s Gratest Mom” Cheese Graters

cheese grater
Image source: Beau-coup.com

These mini cheese graters are anything but cheesy! Individually packaged to showcase Mommy’s baby bump, they’re also sure to add flavor to every meal.

Available from Beau-coup.com; $2.36 – $3.25 each based on quantity

18. Personalized Glass Coasters

Image source: Party City

These personalized glass coasters with frosted edges and a no-slip design will bring practical elegance to any get-together.

Available from Party City for as low as $1 each

19. Teapot Kitchen Timers

teapot timer
Image source: Bed, Bath & Beyond

A watched pot never boils, but this adorable teapot kitchen timer reminds us baby is on its way! Guests are sure to steep sweet shower memories with each and every use.

Available from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $3.29 each

20. “About to Hatch” Egg Whisks

Image source: Wayfair

A good pun is always fun, but this stainless steel wire whisk is a “chic” and charming addition to any spring baby shower.

Available from Wayfair; $64.80 for 10

21. Gender Reveal Bath Bombs

bath bomb
Image source: Amazon

Let’s be real — is there anyone out there who doesn’t love a good bath bomb? And a gender reveal bath bomb really adds to the fun. Just toss it in the bath water to reveal pink or blue!

Available from Amazon; $8.99 each

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