Disney Family Proudly Presents: A Beauty and the Beast Party

There are so many ways to bring Beauty and the Beast to life for an enchanted birthday party or celebration. Invite your friends and family to be your guests, and have fun making these crafts and recipes.

Belle’s Book Garland

Belle loves to read, so decorate your party room with a garland made of paper books and red roses. To make it interactive, have guests sign their name inside one of the books.

Enchanted Strawberry Roses

Carve strawberries into enchanted roses for party. They’ll make for a perfect focal point around a healthy fruit platter, party cupcakes, or a birthday cake.

Enchanted Castle Photo Booth Backdrop & Props

Create the perfect space to photograph your guests with an enchanted photo booth backdrop and props. Hang up a backdrop made of gold-sequined fabric and craft your own ornate frames out of cardboard. Don’t forget a single red rose too!

Posted 1 year Ago
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