Surprise Your Little One With a Bento Box This #DisneyWeekend

Image source: Jessica McDonald | Li Ming Lee | Disney Family

We love experimenting with ingredients to create Disney-inspired food art for our families—and they love eating it! From Scrump avocado toast to a bento box featuring Mickey & Friends, we have enough food art inspiration for every meal!

Show us what bento box creations you and your family are snacking on with the hashtag #DisneyWeekend on Instagram.

winnie the pooh sandwiches
Image source: Li Ming Lee | Disney Family

Winnie the Pooh Ufufy Sandwiches

These Ufufy-inspired sandwiches are just perfect to bring to school or a picnic, to brighten up a blustery day. Featuring Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore, this lunch couldn’t be cuter.

Image source: Joanne Lu | Disney Family

Mickey & Friends Bento Box Lunch

Oh boy! A bento box featuring Mickey & Friends! For a special treat, make this easy and healthy lunch for your little one this #DisneyWeekend!

scrump avocado toast
Image source: Jessica McDonald | Disney Family

Scrump Avocado Toast

This Scrump-inspired avocado toast is the perfect snack for your little Lilo! Any Lilo & Stitch fan won’t hesitate to dig into the healthy meal.

bambi bento lunch
Image source: Jessica McDonald | Disney Family

Bambi Bento Box Lunch

This bento box uses whole grain bread, and is complete with fruit and veggies on the side. We even included a printable template to recreate this sandwich, so that your lunch can be just as cute as Bambi!

yoda grapes
Image source: Disney Family

Yoda Grape Food Art

Hungry, you are? Create this Yoda-inspired food art out of grapes to impress even the pickiest of young Jedis this #DisneyWeekend.

frozen bento box
Image source: Disney Family

Frozen Bento Box

Made with a white corn tortilla, this Olaf sandwich is garnished with fresh veggies and complemented by pretzel “antlers.” For dessert, there are colorful fruit flowers reminiscent of the blossoms that delight Olaf during his dream of summer.

kevin food art
Image source: Jessica McDonald | Disney Family

Kevin from Up Food Art

This food art is inspired by Kevin from Disney•Pixar’s Up, and is made entirely out of veggies—making for a healthy and tasty treat. Not to mention, it’s just as colorful as Kevin!

image source: jessica mcdonald | disney family

Lady and the Tramp Dinner

Enjoy a lovely bella notte with your family by creating Lady and the Tramp food art together this #DisneyWeekend! This creative recipe includes spaghetti, meatballs, and bread inspired by the adorable Lady and Tramp Tsum Tsum.

joy food art
Image source: Disney Family

Joy Food Art

When it comes to the five emotions in young Riley Anderson’s head, it’s Joy who takes the lead. After all, she has quite a knack for spreading happiness. Inspired by the perky little blue-haired advocate, this colorful snack is guaranteed to prompt a smile.

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Posted 10 months Ago
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