24 Clever Baby Shower Gifts That’ll Save Any New Mom and Dad’s Sanity

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totally genius baby shower gifts

Parents-to-be take most of the guess work out of shopping for their baby showers. They read all the books and do all the research and head to the nearest baby store to set up registries with all the things they think they’ll need once the baby arrives. But seasoned parents? They’ll get real honest real fast with you about all the junk they wish they’d never even registered for. Things that wound up sitting in the corner of their nursery collecting dust for most of that first year. And they’ll also be quick to tell you what really and truly worked for them. The things they swore by. The things that saved them in all their sleep-deprived, haven’t-showered-in-days glory.

That’s why parents who’ve been around the block a few times like to go a little rogue when it comes to baby showers, buying off-registry whenever they can to give gifts that they truly KNOW will make life easier with a newborn. Allow us to share a few of those tried-and-true favorites with you …

ZoLi BUZZ Nail Trimmer
Image Source: Zoli

1. ZoLi BUZZ Nail Trimmer

There’s literally nothing more terrifying than going after your newborn’s tender digits with a sharp object. But these trimmers take the terror out of it for newbies — and trust me, you will thank your lucky stars that you have them on hand when it comes time.

Available on Amazon, $34.95

SoundBub White Noise Machine
Image Source: WavHello/Amazon

2. SoundBub White Noise Machine

Give the gift of noise? YES! This white noise machine will help babies get used to falling asleep with background noise — which in turn will mean more sleep for Mom and Dad. WIN-WIN.

Available on Amazon, $29.99

Munchkin BRICA GoBoost Travel Booster Seat
Image Source: Munchkin/Amazon

3. Munchkin BRICA GoBoost Travel Booster Seat

This super compact travel booster seat is awesome for parents on the go (which, basically, is all of us) and even has a handy storage compartment for wipes. SCORE!

Available on Amazon, $35

baby swaddle
Image Source: Happiest Baby

4. Sleepea Swaddles

I know what you’re thinking: Sleepsacks have been around for a while now, they aren’t exactly something new. But they belong on this list ’cause they are truly an awesome option for parents who want to avoid putting blankets on their snoozing newborn but still want them to sleep soundly and snuggly. This brand-new version was developed by Dr. Harvey Karp (of the Happiest Baby on the Block!), with an integrated mesh fabric for max breathability and a smart design that allows for an impressive 5-second swaddle.

Available on Happiest Baby, $23.95

dad carrying baby in soothe shirt
Image Source: Lalabu

5. Lalabu Soothe Shirts

Speaking of keeping babies nice and snuggled … these specially-designed soothe shirts for dads are a great alternative to strappy or fabric-heavy slings or wraps that take forever and a day to put on. (They have versions for moms, too!)

Available on Amazon, $75

Little Remedies Gripe Water
Image Source: Little Remedies/Amazon

6. Little Remedies Gripe Water

It ain’t sexy, but this little bottle of gripe water is a must-have; and any new parent will be happy to have it in stock when they wind up with a super gassy newborn. (TRUST.)

Available on Amazon, $7+

iBaby Digital Video Baby Monitor
Image Source: iBaby/Amazon

7. iBaby Care M7 Digital Video Baby Monitor

It may be pricy, but a quality, high-tech baby monitor like this one is well-worth the extra cash. Plus, you can go in on it with a few friends and give it as a joint gift. Mom and Dad will thank you later.

Available on Amazon, $250

La Luna Baby Soother
Image Source: La Luna/Amazon

8. La Luna Smart Interactive Baby Soother

This genius machine soothes babies back to sleep with the sound of their own parent’s voice so they can keep sleeping in the other room. UM — YES, PLEASE! Where do we sign up?

Available on Amazon, $39.95

baby sleeping
Image Source: TempTraq

9. TempTraq 24HR Wearable Smart Thermometer

This wearable thermometer comes in sticker form and saves new parents the stress of poking and prodding their sick baby with the old-fashioned way. You can monitor it through a compatible app to check in and see how your kiddo is doing. (Talk about living in the future.)

Available on Amazon, $25

milk screen
Image Source: UpSpring/Amazon

10. UpSpring Milkscreen Breast Milk Alcohol Detectors

Girl’s Night Out shouldn’t have to be a downer just because Mom’s breastfeeding. These strips could save her precious breast milk from the old “pump and dump” method many moms often resort to.

Available on Amazon, $20

baby warmer
Image Source: Langyan/Amazon

11. Puncia 12V Smart Milk Bottle Warmer for the Car

I mean really, how convenient is this?! Not having to worry about how to heat up a bottle when they’re away from home will make any new parent’s life way easier.

Available on Amazon, $39

Baby Brezza Baby Food Processor
Image Source: Baby Brezza

12. Baby Brezza Baby Food Processor

So many parents are opting to make their own baby food these days — not just for its health perks, but also for budget reasons. This baby food maker is an excellent version that cooks AND blends in one step. SCHWINGGG!

Available at Baby Brezza, $130

baby doppler monitor
Image Source: Baby Doppler/Amazon

13. Sonoline B Fetal Doppler Monitor

Okay, so this may seem a little out-there at first glance, but it’s a pretty choice gift for the totally EXTRA parents-to-be in your life. (I mean, how fun to pretend they’re Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for a bit with their own at-home ultrasound monitor, no?)

Available on Baby Doppler, $45

smart phone and baby smartband
Image Source: Babies R Us

14. Project Nursery Parent and Baby SmartBand

This brilliant smartband can keep track of breastfeeding and sleeping schedules for mom and baby, which will make Mom feel way more together and less frazzled in those first few months. It’s like a nanny on your wrist!

Available at Babies R Us, $120

parents looking in baby crib
Image Source: Happiest Baby

15. SNOO Smart Sleeper

This “smart” bassinet is like no other. Developed by Dr. Harvey Karp, the SNOO has tons of cool features that are totally futuristic — like a button that plays three types of white noise and a built-in swaddle that attaches to the bed. It also has a gentle rocking setting that recreates a womb-like sway and helps babies drift off to sleep quickly.

Available from Happiest Baby, $1,160

baby with teething mitt
Image Source: Munch Mitt

16. Munch Mitts Silicone Teething Mitten

When it’s time to teeth, seasoned moms know that babies jam just about everything into their mouths — especially their hands. This teething mitt is a stimulating and sanitary answer to an age-hold problem.

Available on Amazon, $14.99

woman holding pockit stroller
Image Source: PockIt

17. Pockit Lightweight Stroller

The super compact Pockit stroller weighs in at just 10 lbs., folds up to fit into most airplane overhead compartments, and can hold up to 55 lbs.! It’s a great alternative to lugging around a bulkier stroller, even if it is a bit pricier than an umbrella stroller.

Available on Amazon, $249.99

baby foot with sock baby monitor
Image Source: Owlet

18. Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

Welcome to the future: This small sock houses a tiny heart rate monitor inside, so you can slip it on and off your baby’s foot to keep track of any sudden changes in oxygen levels or heart rate. You can keep tabs via the Owlet’s easy-to-use app, which will also alert you if there’s anything to be aware of. (Talk about peace of mind.)

Available on Amazon, $299.99


baby wearing a romper
Image Source: Rags to Raches

19. Rags to Raches One-Piece Baby Rompers

These super comfy, stretchy one-pieces from Rags to Raches don’t have zippers, snaps, or buttons, which make for quick and stress-free changes. (Hmm … do they come in adult sizes? Asking for a friend.)

Available on Rags to Raches, prices vary

stack of little spoon containers
Image Source: Little Spoon

20. Little Spoon

This super-affordable service delivers organic baby food right to your front door every other week. (AH-mazing.) Sign your friends up for a couple of months to try it out — it’s basically like Blue Apron for babies, except all Mom and Dad have to do is heat it up!

Available at Little Spoon, starting at $35/week

baby in bathtub
Image Source: Baby Dam

21. BabyDam Bathtub Divider

Bathtime is officially saved. Just put this handy divider in the tub and hop in behind your kid to avoid bending over and causing some major pains in your back (and butt!).

Available on Amazon, $45.99

baby sitting on mat
Image Source: Little Nomad

22. Little Nomad Roam-Free Play Mats

These comfy and easy-to-clean foam mats are perfect for parents who don’t want their living room to look like Chuck E. Cheese. I mean, just look how pretty they are …

Available at Little Nomad, $119+ (depending on floor size)

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist starter kit
Image source: Kiinde/Amazon

23. Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist starter kit

The Kiinde Twist lets you save and store every last drop of breast milk efficiently and economically, which makes it a must-have for breastfeeding moms who are on the move. The storage pouches are compatible with pumps from all major brands, and twist-lock on so you can pump directly into them for leak-free, transfer-free pumping. GENIUS!

Available on Amazon, $39.99

car seat
Image Source: 4Moms/Amazon

24. 4moms Self-Installing Car Seat

No, you’re not seeing things and yes, prayers have been answered. This car seat adjusts itself in any make and model of car using 20 sensors and an app. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

Available on Amazon, $539.99

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