There’s Nothing Cuter Than These Disney Smash Cakes

Image source: Candice Berman | Tara Jeles | disney family

Birthday celebrations are all about the cake. Many parents commemorate the day with an adorable (and hilarious) photo shoot of their baby going to town on their personal birthday cake. Cute babies covering themselves in frosting and cake? It’s no wonder this has become such a trend!

We’ve rounded up our favorite Disney-inspired smash cake photos to make you smile—and inspire you to take some pictures with your little one.

Mickey Mouse Smash Cake

This tiny Mickey Mouse fan dove headfirst into his cake, and we can’t say we blame him. It looks delicious—reminding us to celebrate our next birthday with that much enthusiasm!

image source: Sally Whetten Photography

The Lion King Smash Cake

Hakuna Matata! While our kids covering themselves in cake would normally be a cause for concern, we wouldn’t have a worry in the world watching them participate in this Lion King smash cake.

image source: Elsa Galvan

Snow White Smash Cake

Who’s the fairest one of all? This mini Snow White covered in cake, of course!

image source: Two Hearts

Moana Smash Cake

The frosting calls to this birthday girl like the sea calls to Moana.

Finding Nemo Smash Cake

Complete with a Nemo cake and orange bowtie, this little guppy is having a blast digging into that dessert.

image source: Judith Riley

Dumbo Smash Cake

Don’t just fly, soar into your baby’s first birthday celebration with a Dumbo-themed smash cake photo shoot!

Donald Duck Smash Cake

Stage a shoot featuring one of Mickey’s very best friends—Donald Duck! This little lookalike seems to be having the time of his life after truly destroying his birthday cake.

Image source: Tara Jeles

Finding Dory Smash Cake

Did this birthday boy find Dory in the bottom of that cake? He’s going to sure try!

Alice in Wonderland Smash Cake

A very merry unbirthday, indeed!

cake smash
Image source: Candice Berman

For more Disney magic, try this mini Mickey Cake:

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