Disney Crafts and Recipes For Your Two-Year-Old

Tiny two-year-olds love to get creative and play, and we have some fun Disney-inspired ideas for just that. We asked our childhood development experts to help us round up a few crafts and recipes, perfect for a busy and growing mind.

Judy Hopps’ Carrot Smoothie

Disney Family_Carrot Smoothie_Vertical
Letting your child help prepare part of a meal helps create excitement that makes even the healthiest foods taste better. This smoothie inspired by one of our favorite Zootopia characters, Judy Hopps, will be a sweet treat for your little one. With some grown-up supervision, they’ll have fun watching the fruit and veggies blend into a yummy drink!

Finding Dory Handprint Art

Disney Family_Dory Handprint Art

Finger painting is an exciting activity at this age, but it can be quite messy. To keep surfaces as clean as possible, tape craft paper to the table with masking tape or painter’s tape, and make sure to have a few pieces of paper for children to paint freely on. To successfully complete a Finding Dory Handprint Art, sneak more intentional handprints from kids in between creating their own masterpieces.

Jazzy Jellyfish Decorations

Any activity that encourages your two-year-old to continuously squeeze glue to their hearts content will be a crowd pleaser, for sure! Make way for Jazzy Jellyfish! You can watch them giggle while working out those ever important writing muscles.

Superhero Brick Wall

Disney Family_Brick Wall DIY
Painting on cardboard boxes is perfect for the two-year-old.  Having a large, 3D surface makes the activity more enticing, while also providing an easy target for all that red paint!  Once the bricks are finished, your child will enjoy stacking, building and knocking down their art.

Mickey Potato Stamp

Creative art helps to form your little one’s imagination. To make this Mickey Potato Stamp project more accessible for your two-year-old, eliminate the need for paintbrushes by providing a shallow layer of paint on a paper plate.
Pair any of these crafts and recipes with their corresponding Disney film and you’ve got the perfect #DisneyWeekend plans. Be sure to share them with us by tagging @DisneyFamily on Instagram.
Posted 3 years Ago
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