Enchanted Cookies and Cupcakes for Your Disney Princess Party

Disney Princess Desserts
image source: disney family

Treat guests to an enchanted collection of sweets at your next Disney Princess Party.

Sleeping Beauty Cupcakes

Reenact the iconic dressmaking scene from Sleeping Beauty with blue and pink cupcakes. Color them both because you just can’t decide which is better.

Moana Cupcakes

Graham cracker sand, ocean blue frosting, and an edible flower come together to create a Moana cupcake that’s as pretty as it is delicious.

Belle’s Enchanted Cupcakes

Practice makes perfect when whipping up this delicious and magical enchanted rose cupcake inspired by Beauty and the Beast!

Rapunzel’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Your kids will love adding their own artistic flair as they “paint” homemade cookies together with a colorful palette full of frosting. Add some sprinkles, and it’s a work of art!

Posted 3 years Ago
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