14 Back-to-School Supplies for Your Disney Family

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Image source: Disney Family | Jansport

Fall is almost here and the kids are heading back to school. It’s time to pack up those backpacks with all the essentials. Here are our favorite Disney-inspired school supplies for the creative kids in your family.

1. Disney Princess Bookmarks

Disney Family - Disney Princess Bookmarks 2
Image source: Disney Family

It’s inevitable that you and your little one will be doing plenty of reading this school year. Make it extra fun by printing out these Disney Princess bookmarks to accompany you.

2. Stitch Pencil Case

stitch mxyz pencil case
Image source: Disney Store

Get wild this school year with a bright pink pencil case featuring none other than Stitch.

3. Monsters University Stickers

monsters university stickers
Image source: Disney Family

Kids and scarers alike will be stuck on these adorable stickers. They’re perfect for decorating notebooks, journals, mugs, and more.

4. Minnie Mouse Sneakers

minnie mouse sneakers
Image source: Disney Store

Your kids will be strutting down the hallways in these super cool Minnie Mouse high-top sneakers.

5. Disney Princess Pencil Toppers

disney princess pencil toppers
Image source: Elise Apffel

Send your kids back to school in style with Disney Princess pencil toppers! Not only are they pretty, but they’ll also get your little ones excited about heading to class this year.

6. Lion Guard Backpack

lion guard back pack
Image source: Disney Store

Start the school year off with a “ROAR!” Send your kiddos on their way with this fierce Lion Guard backpack.

7. Finding Dory Lunch Notes

finding dory lunch notes
Image source: Disney Family

Add a special lunch time surprise with these Finding Dory lunch notes. They’ll love getting a message from Mom or Dad as they dig into their snacks!

8. Toy Story Backpack

loungefly toy story back pack
Image source: Loungefly

Take your kid’s back-to-school style to infinity and beyond with this super cool Toy Story-inspired backpack.

9. Aladdin VHS Case Journal

aladdin vhs notebook
Image source: Disney Store

So what if kids these days have never seen a VHS! Introduce them to the ultimate Disney throwback accessory — an Aladdin VHS case notebook.

10. Kermit Bookmark

kermit bookmark
Image source: Disney Family

With Kermit the Frog to cheer them on, your little Muppet-lover is sure to finish their homework in no time!

11. Disney Princess Water Bottle

disney princess water bottle
Image source: Disney Store

Add a little sparkle and fun to your kid’s lunch with this perfectly pink Disney Princess water bottle.

12. Mickey Mouse and Pals Emoji Stationary Kit

mickey and pals stationary set
Image source: Disney Store

Have you ever seen cuter school supplies? Your kids will love decking out their notebooks with this Mickey and Pals emoji stationary kit.

13. Mickey and Minnie Space Backpack

Mickey and Minnie Space backpack
Image source: Jansport

This Mickey and Minnie backpack is truly out of this world! Pack up your little one for the day, and send them off to the bus with this space-themed Mickey and Minnie bag.

14. BB-8 Lunch Box

Star Wars BB-8 Lunch Box
Image source: Disney Store

This is the droid you’re looking for! Bring BB-8 back to school with this adorable Star Wars lunch box.

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