This October, plan a spooky night with friends and family. Celebrate 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family with a Frankenweenie movie night filled with these DIY crafts and recipes!

1. Party Invitations


Your friends will come alive when they see these invitations fit for a scientist. Let them know to save the date for your Frankenweenie viewing party this Halloween.

2. Sparky Cake Pops


You don’t need a laboratory to create this shockingly tasty cake pop of Victor’s loyal terrier pal.

3. Edgar 3D Papercraft


Build your own 3D version of Edgar, the misfit who wants nothing more than to be accepted.

4. Prophecy Pretzels


According to weird girl, her cat Mr. Whiskers has a — shall we say — unique gift for seeing how the future is going to shape up. Inspired by the furry, fortune-telling feline, this chocolate-coconut treat lets kids look for their own letter clues in a bag of pretzels.

5. Invisible Fish Template


Spook your friends with this invisible fish template. It makes an eerie wall decoration for any movie night.

6. Character Masks


Channel one of your favorite characters from the town of New Holland with these Frankenweenie masks.

7. Pin the Tail on Sparky


See who can pin Sparky’s tail on the correct spot while wearing a blindfold in this movie night party game. No peeking!

Posted 5 years Ago
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