The Ultimate Guide for a Cool ‘Frozen’ Party

frozen party guide
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Who’s ready for a Frozen party (we know our family is!)? Complete with Elsa-approved treats, games that would make Olaf giggle, and perfect birthday party favors, we’ve created the ultimate guide of Frozen party ideas. So, gather your little snowflakes and get to work—you’ve got a fun celebration to plan!

olaf's frozen adventure invitation
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Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Invitation

Whether it’s a blizzard outside or the sun is beating down, it’s always a nice time to host a Frozen party! Kick things off with an online Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Invitation.

olaf coloring page

Olaf’s Summer Coloring Page

Every party needs a variety of activities! Guests of all ages will love working on this Olaf Coloring Page.

frozen cookie decorating

Frozen-Inspired Cookie Decorating

Make your Frozen party extra memorable with a cookie decorating station. Kids will love designing their own treats inspired by the hit film.

frozen party

Frozen Signage

There are so many meaningful quotes from the film that would beautifully translate into decor.

©Disney. Photo by ELISE APFFEL for Disney Family

We’re particularly obsessed with, “Let It Go.” There’s no better way to bring the brilliance of the musical hit into your celebration than with this printable! And after the party is over, this craft makes a perfect addition to any boy or girl’s room.

frozen celebration tablecloth
©Disney. Photo by ELISE APFFEL for Disney Family

Elsa-Inspired Tablecloth

When it comes to throwing a Disney party, the magic is in the details! You can recruit your little ones to help transform blue tulle and sparkly fabric into a beautiful snowflake-filled tablecloth. Your guests will surely be impressed by this subtle touch.

olaf bowling

Olaf Bowling Game

Challenge your guests to test their own icy powers with this hand-painted Olaf Bowling Game! The pins are inspired by everyone’s favorite snowman and the bowling ball looks like a rock troll in hiding. How fun!

olaf milkshake
©Disney. Photo by Kate O’Leary for Disney Family

Olaf Milkshake

Serve up a tray of these Olaf Milkshakes and watch their eyes light up. No one will turn down this frosty treat topped with a snowman made of marshmallows and candy!

olaf marzipan cookies
©Disney. Photo by Elise Apffel for Disney Family

Olaf Marzipan Cookies

These cookies are certainly worth melting for! Your little one’s Frozen party wouldn’t be complete without the marzipan treats.

sven bread
©Disney. Photo by Elise Apffel for Disney Family

Sven Bread

If you’re looking for even more exciting Frozen-themed food ideas, this recipe for Sven Bread is a definite winner. If there’s one thing we can all get behind, it’s warm, toasty carbs!

frozen ice pops

Elsa’s Frozen Popsicles

Whip up a magical (and inexpensive) treat with the help of this Frozen Popsicle recipe. Inspired by Elsa, this icy snack will have your guests asking for seconds.

elsa's marbled marshmallow cocoa
©Disney. Photo by Elise Apffel for Disney Family

Elsa’s Hot Cocoa

Throwing your party during the winter? We’ve got you covered, with a tasty drink that will keep your family and friends nice and warm. Elsa’s Hot Cocoa is made with delicious white chocolate and is topped with a marbled snowflake marshmallow.

frozen celebration
©Disney. Photo by ELISE APFFEL for Disney Family

Hanging Wintery Branches

Set the scene for your Frozen party with the perfect winter home decor. With some branches, white spray paint, ribbon, and clear beads, you can craft a stunning accent piece for any party this season. Not to mention, the finished product looks as if it was touched by Elsa herself.

snowgie snowflakes

Snowgie Snowflakes

Let your kiddo join in on the decorating fun before the party starts with this easy-to-make craft! These Snowflake Snowgies double as both a fun activity and adorable decor for your Frozen celebration.


Frozen Party Goodie Bags

Your kiddo’s friends will never want to let these Frozen Gift Bags go! The simple party favors can work as lunch bags, too. Win-win!

For more Disney magic, try this fun Frozen Chalk:

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