We’re Adventuring to Never Land Thanks to ‘Get Moving with Disney Family’

We’ve had a blast working out alongside our kiddos to The Jungle Book the past few weeks, but now we’re ready to add a little pixie dust into our routine! That’s right — we’re working up a sweat to another classic Disney flick — Peter Pan.

Our latest episode of Get Moving with Disney Family features none other than Tink, Peter Pan, and Captain Hook! From flying over the skies of London to marching around like one of the Lost Boys, you and your mini-me will love this work out.

To keep the fun going all day long, follow up your new exercise routine with one of these magical Peter Pan-inspired crafts or recipes:

Image source: Disney family

Peter Pan Silhouette Wall Decorations

You don’t have to travel to the “second star to the right” to reach Never Land. Simply craft these elegant Peter Pan silhouette decorations and hang them on your wall.

peter pan
Image source: Disney Family

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell Bracelets

With a little bit of imagination, you can find magic in your own backyard. Pretend you’re on a swashbuckling adventure, fly through the skies to Never Land, and make believe you’re one of the Lost Boys. Peter Pan provides endless inspiration for backyard fun with your family. Channel the adventurous spirit of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell with this DIY bracelet craft.

no sew tinker bell skirt #disneyweekend
Image source: DIsney Family

No-Sew Tinker Bell-Inspired Skirt

This no-sew Tinker Bell-inspired skirt is quick and easy to make. The no-fray fabrics used means there’s no hemming involved. It is intended to be worn over an existing tutu or skirt. Make one up, and you’ll have your own little Tink dancing and fluttering around in no time!

dapper day costumes
Image source: Jessica McDonald | Disney Family

Peter Pan Family Outfits

Dressing in your Disney best is always a fun way to entertain the whole family. It’s the subtle accessories that really make a look dapper and unique! Patterns also help — if you’re able to find one similar to the character, like this striped jacket to represent Smee’s striped shirt, your looks are sure to make their mark.

tinker bell cookie
Image source: Disney Family

Tinker Bell-Inspired Meringue Cookies

After all that exercising, you and your little ones will certainly have worked up an appetite! Soothe your sweet tooth with a treat featuring Tinker Bell. Add a little pixie dust (in the form of clear sprinkles) to create a cookie fit for a fairy!

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Posted 10 months Ago
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