Fall Calls for Some Spooky Phone Wallpaper

©Disney. Photo by Sarah Matthews for Disney Family

Whether you’re looking for something to embrace the season or simply want a spookier screen, we have just the thing: fall phone wallpaper! Featuring characters from Christopher Robin, the book from Hocus Pocus, and adorable (but festive) versions of Mickey, choosing one of these Halloween phone backgrounds will be the hardest thing you do today.

Simply save the image to your phone and set it as your background. It’s as easy as that to add some Disney magic to your phone!

mickey pumpkins wallpaper
©Disney. Photo by Sarah Matthews for Disney Family

Mickey Pumpkin Phone Wallpaper

These little Mickey pumpkins are simply gourd-geous! Featuring a traditional pumpkin, a spider, and a bat, this phone wallpaper is a picture-perfect tribute to Halloween.

hocus pocus wallpaper
©Disney. Photo by Sarah Matthews for Disney Family

Hocus Pocus Book Phone Wallpaper

Winifred Sanderson’s iconic “boooook” is featured in this creepy, cool Disney phone wallpaper! Inspired by the witch’s spell book, this Hocus Pocus decor is exactly what your mobile device needs.

winnie the pooh phone wallpaper
©Disney. Photo by Sarah Matthews for Disney Family

Christopher Robin Phone Wallpaper

In this festive background, Winnie the Pooh and his pals are headed off for a fun night of trick-or-treating in the Hundred Acre Wood. Get extra excited for Halloween by glancing at this image every time you use your phone.

Disney’s Christopher Robin is available on Digital, Movies Anywhere, and Blu-ray on November 6.

For more Disney magic, check out this Toy Story Alien Pumpkin:

Posted 2 years Ago
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