Happy Anniversary, Tangled!

tangled crafts and recipes

Celebrate the anniversary of Tangled with fun crafts and recipes inspired by Rapunzel and friends!

Tangled Online Invitation


Invite friends and family to celebrate the dream with an party invitation featuring Rapunzel. Save time for baking and decorating with an online invitation that makes party planning simple.

Orange Biscuit Braids


After striking a deal with Flynn, Rapunzel finally makes a break from the tower and lets her hair down — literally and figuratively. Inspired by the adventurous teen’s 70-foot-long tresses, these tasty biscuit braids are a tad shorter. Still, baked to a golden brown and adorned with edible flowers, they’re bound to be a big hit with Tangled fans.

Golden Sun Flower Pots

Flower Pot

Channel your creativity and paint the golden sun on a flower pot, just as Rapunzel did on the floor of her tower.

Rapunzel’s Purple Popcorn


You can’t have a Tangled movie night without purple popcorn. Find out how to add a little magic to your popcorn recipe.

Rapunzel’s Cupcake Paint Palette


In true Rapunzel style, invite your guests to decorate their desserts, using cupcakes as their canvas and sprinkles as their paint. Who doesn’t love an art project that involves cupcakes?

Thank You Cards


Don’t forget to thank your friends for helping you live out your party dreams with these Tangled thank you cards.

Posted 5 years Ago
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