Happy Anniversary, Toy Story!

On this day in 1995, Toy Story first came to theaters! Celebrate the anniversary of Disney Pixar’s first full length animated classic with our recipes, crafts, and printable activity sheets.

Hamm Cake Pops


These Hamm piggy bank cake pops are super cute, super yummy, and super easy to make with our step-by-step instructions.

Toy Story Fun Book


The perfect activity for your little ones to do while watching the movie! Just download and print out this Toy Story activity book to keep kids busy at home or on the road.

Mr. Pricklepants Cupcakes


Recreate our favorite porcupine and serious actor in cupcake form with the help cookies and candies.

Woody Marionette


With a little string and our printable kit, you can create your own Sheriff Woody puppet! Print out the design and assemble with our instructions.

Alien Bento Box


This special Alien bento box snack will make your kids say oooOOooOOOoo! Super healthy and simple to make, it includes star shaped cantaloupe, tiny pita pouches, and cucumbers shaped like the three-eyed aliens from Toy Story.

Woody’s Sheriff Badge Cookies

sheriff-badge-cookies-toy-story-recipe-photo-420x420-clittlefield-0001 (1)

You’ll be the favorite deputy when you make these Sheriff Woody badge cookies to eat while watching Toy Story!

Printable 3D Buzz Lightyear


Create your own Buzz Lightyear with this printable papercraft. Just download, print, and cut out to assemble your own 3D Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack


Just like the ones Andy wears in the movie, these Buzz Lightyear wings are made from materials you can find around the house, and are the perfect way for your little ones to imagine they’re a space ranger.

Posted 5 years Ago
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