Your Little Ones Will Love Searching for Hidden Mickeys This #DisneyWeekend

Image source: Tiffany Davis | Elise Apffel | Disney Family

Whether it’s at the Disney Parks or spontaneously out in the world, we love looking for Hidden Mickeys. For instance, there’s the Mickey place setting at the Haunted Mansion and tons of Mickeys in Disney movie scenes—like when Cinderella is scrubbing floors and the bubbles make up a Mickey shape!

To keep this classic Disney tradition alive, we’re spending our whole weekend making Hidden Mickey-inspired crafts and recipes! Could you imagine anything more fun? Nope, neither could we. Share your favorite Hidden Mickeys with us, using the hashtag #DisneyWeekend on Instagram!

Hidden Mickey Stained Glass Cookies

A soft, buttery cookie and hard candy in the same treat? What more could you want?! Put the two together to create a unique and strikingly beautiful dessert reminiscent of stained glass windows (including a Hidden Mickey, of course).

hidden mickey cookies
Image source: TIffany Davis | Disney Family

Hidden Mickey Tsum Tsum Pie

You can find Mickey baked discretely into the crust of this tasty cherry pie! While he almost blends right into the dessert, if you look close enough you’ll see the Tsum Tsum version of our favorite mouse peeking back at you. You’re going to want to put this Mickey Tsum Tsum Pie on your to-bake list.

mickey pie
Image source: Irene Lee | Disney Family

Hidden Mickey Ufufy Cupcakes

Peek-a-boo, I see you! These Mickey and Minnie Ufufy cupcakes are full of cuteness—both inside and out! Underneath the cupcake tops contain a hidden Mickey or Minnie surprise that will delight little and big kids alike.

image source: joanne lu | disney family

Hidden Mickey Cake

Serve up a slice of Disney magic with this tasty cake recipe featuring its very own Hidden Mickey! It’s the perfect treat for your #DisneyWeekend celebration with family and friends.

hidden mickey cake
Image source: Disney Family

Hidden Mickey Caramel Apple Slices

Are you looking for a healthy snack? Then you’ll fall in love with these easy-to-make Hidden Mickey Caramel Apple Slices! Treat your entire family to this delicious mix of tart apples and sweet candy—the perfect combination for an afternoon treat.

mickey caramel apple slices
Image source: Tiffany Davis | Disney Family

Mini Hidden Mickey Pies

These simple mini cherry pies are a perfect dessert that your kids can lend a hand in making. Added bonus? Their small size makes them more manageable for little mouths!

mini hidden mickey pies
image source: Tiffany Davis | Disney Family

Hidden Mickey Springtime Bark

With Easter just around the corner, those delicious chocolate Robin eggs are popping up in stores everywhere. Grab those and a bunch of candy wafers to create a tasty springtime treat filled with Hidden Mickeys!

hidden mickey bark
Image source: Jen Wood | Disney Family

Hidden Mickey Pom Pom Rug

Ready for a fun project? Try this Mickey-shaped pom pom rug—also complete with Hidden Mickeys! It’s the perfect accent for your kids’ room or nursery. Plus, it’s super soft and plush!

image source: elise apffel | disney family

Hidden Mickey Pillow

Whether you’re cozying up with a good book, or camping out in the backyard, this adorable Mickey DIY will make the moment even more magical.

hidden mickey pillow
Image source: Disney Family

Hidden Mickey Picture Frame

This subtle nod to Mickey Mouse will brighten any room in your house. Plus, it’s one of the easiest crafts around. To make this Hidden Mickey Frame, just glue on buttons—grouping them by color—and you’re done. A win-win for your #DisneyWeekend!

image source: elise apffel | disney family

For more Disney magic, try this Sorcerer Mickey Brownie Bowl Sundae:

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