30 Hyphenated Baby Names That Are Too Cute to Resist

baby girlWhether you hate them or love them — hyphenated names are actually a big deal. People have very strong opinions when it comes to “two first names.”

For example, my name, María José, is Mary Jo in English. It’s not hyphenated, but it is meant to be said together. When I was younger, I did hyphenate it, and actually I’m thinking of going back to it so that people know that THAT’S my name.

The truth is, you can combine or hyphenate any name, but I think the trick is to make it flow. So if you do want your child to be called Emma-Rose and not just Emma, the second name should be short and sweet. If you aren’t sure, just practice saying it out loud a few times. If it’s too much effort, then maybe go with a different combination. Some of the more common second names for hyphenated names are: Marie, Ray, Lee, Jo, Jean, Mae, Grace, and Paul.

Here is a selection of hyphenated names for boys and girls — however, there are more girl names, as the trend seems to be more popular for them.


  1. Mary-Jo
  2. Lauren-May
  3. John-Paul
  4. Anne-Marie
  5. Sarah-Jane
  6. Ruby-Grace
  7. Emma-Claire
  8. Lisa-Marie
  9. Mark-Paul
  10. Mary-Jane
  11. Baylee-Ann
  12. Chloe-Louise
  13. Billy-Joe
  14. Oliver-James
  15. Harvey-Lee
  16. Lacey-Mae
  17. Mary-Elizabeth
  18. Anna-Sophia
  19. Ana-Maria
  20. Mary-Kate
  21. Billie-Jean
  22. Jamie-Lynn
  23. Poppy-Grace
  24. Jack-Thomas
  25. John-Bryan
  26. Juan-Vicente
  27. Peter-Alexander
  28. Ella-Rose
  29. Lexi-Grace
  30. Mason-Lee
Posted 3 years Ago
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