This #DisneyWeekend Calls for a Mad Tea Party

mad tea party disneyweekend
©Disney. Photos by Bonnie Eng and Elise Apffel for Disney Family

We’ve never needed an excuse to have a Disney-themed celebration with our family and friends, so why should this #DisneyWeekend be any different? We’re giving you and your loved ones permission to go a little wild and throw a Mad Tea Party the Mad Hatter would be proud of. From detailed chocolate teacups to Golden Afternoon paper flowers, these crafts and recipes would certainly be Alice-approved.

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cheshire cat

Cheshire Cat Cake Roll

The only thing mad about this Cheshire Cat Cake Roll is how delicious it is! Perfect for a very merry unbirthday, this cake is sure to become a family favorite.

red queen cookies

Red Queen Cookie Kisses

Inspired by the Red Queen’s rosy heart-shaped lips, these cookies make a fun party treat or dessert any night of the week.

teacup planter
©Disney. Photo by Elise Apffel for Disney Family

Teacup Planter

We’re in the thick of summer and there has never been a better time to put on the gardening gloves and start refreshing your living space or outdoor garden. Spend your golden afternoon planting flowers with this Teacup Planter.

mad tea party dessert cups
©Disney. Photo by Bonnie Eng for Disney Family

Mad Tea Party Dessert Cups

These Mad Tea Party Dessert Cups are perfect for serving up cold desserts, like puddings, sorbets, or even store-bought ice cream. You won’t want to be late to a party with these colorful teacups!

golden afternoon flowers
©Disney. Photo by Elise Apffel for Disney Family

Golden Afternoon Bouquet

What’s a party without the perfect decor? This centerpiece—featuring a wildflower paper bouquet—is straight out of Wonderland.

For more Disney magic, check out these DIYs for your toddler:

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