Everything You Need to Plan a Visit to Disneyland Resort

Hi, everyone! Julie and Emily of Magic Kingdom Mamas here! We’ve just read through the Birnbaum’s 2018 Official Guide to Disneyland Resort published by Disney Editions, and we’re excited to share some favorite tips and highlights of this happy little handbook. If you are a Disney Park visitor who prefers gathering information with book-in-hand, this guide is for you!

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To begin, the book itself is 144 pages, but thin enough to be easily stored in a backpack or stroller. It is lightweight and paperback, almost like a sturdy magazine, making it easy to thumb through at home before you visit, while you’re sitting in an airport, or when you’re standing in line for a corn dog at Disneyland Resort! Artwork of your favorite Disney characters scattered throughout the pages makes it a fun read for kids and adults!

image source: julie mooney & emily sims | magic kingdom mamas

The book covers most everything: from travel and packing suggestions to helpful budgeting tips and attraction details, suggested itineraries and restaurant information, and hotel accommodations and local activities for visitors (golf courses, tennis courts, beaches, parks, religious institutions, and more!). This is a fabulous tool for travelers, and especially families.

image source: julie mooney & emily sims | magic kingdom mamas

Keep reading to find five of our favorite features from the Birnbaum’s 2018 Official Guide to Disneyland Resort.

  • Getting Ready to Go. This section is a wonderful opener! Especially for first-timers, or anyone who is not local to Disneyland Resort. It details all aspects of planning your visit—from approximated crowd levels during the year, travel tips and suggestions, money-saving strategies, holiday and special event calendars, monthly weather predictions, local area maps, information for visitors with disabilities, and more.
  • One Day Schedules. Pages 29-34 contain “One-Day Schedules” for both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. If you don’t want to carry the book itself into the Parks, these bright and colorful pages can be removed (as noted by the dotted line along the inner edge of each page) and taken with you on your visit, making for a fun and easy-to-follow “to do” list! We specifically love the “Disneyland Delights” list on page 29 that shares attractions that form that “quintessential Disneyland experience.”
image source: julie mooney & emily sims | magic kingdom mamas
  • “Birnbaum’s Best” Stamps. These “stamps” are scattered throughout the book and they annotate “superlative” attractions—meaning, unmissable rides that deliver the most special Disneyland experience due to their: “state-of-the-art-technology, theming, beauty, novelty, thrills and spills, and/or overall whimsy.” Essentially, the “Birnbaum’s Best Stamps” will not steer you wrong!
  • Descriptions. We love that each attraction, shop, and restaurant listed in the book has a concise, informative, and interesting description. This makes it very easy to choose what to do next, especially for a visitor who is brand new to the Parks.
  • FOOD! 19 pages of this book are dedicated to food, and you know we love our Disneyland Resort treats! We found this section of the book to be very helpful because it provides a brief description of each restaurant and its location, along with a categorization (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) and an approximate price range for each, using a ‘$’ for under $15, ‘$$’ for $15-29, and so on.

As Walt Disney originally intended, Disneyland Resort is ever-changing. Because of the constant evolution of Disneyland Resort, there are some details in the book that have already changed since its publishing date or are soon to change in 2018 (i.e. the coming of Pixar Pier in 2018, changes to shops in Downtown Disney, etc.). That said, Birnbaum’s does a really great job of covering the basics—and it is a solid guide for any Disneyland Resort visitor. And as always, for breaking news updates, new events, and so on, Disneyland.com and the Disneyland App are great additional resources.

The Birnbaum’s 2018 Official Guide to Disneyland Resort can be purchased here and everywhere that books are sold.

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