Contemporary Resort’s Pixar Play Zone Is Out of Our Kids’ Dreams

pixar play zone
Image source: Disney Parks Blog

Whether we’re singing along with our family during “it’s a small world” or sailing through the rough seas on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, there is always fun to be had at the Parks. However, it’s the latest Disney experience at the Contemporary Resort that has us clamoring to get to Walt Disney World.

Guests can now reserve a spot at the all new immersive children’s experience Pixar Play Zone, which officially opens on April 13. Available nightly, kids ages 4-12 will be able to enter a world filled with their favorite characters from Toy Story and The Incredibles!

The Pixar Play Zone is open from 6 PM-10:30 PM and costs $65 per child. This includes dinner, dessert, and a whole lot of fun!

pixar play zone
Image source: Disney Parks Blog

One room, aptly named “Bonnie’s Play Room,” is filled with a variety of toys for your little Toy Story fanatics. And when your kiddos turn the corner and enter “The Living Room,” they will be thrown right into the action of Space Ranger Training! A Space Ranger will show them what it takes to become a Jr. Space Ranger of Star Command. Then Woody and Jessie will host a Woody’s Roundup singalong.

After becoming honorary members of Andy’s clan, kids can head over to “Radiator Springs Racetrack” to build their own race cars and participate in a soapbox derby. Who will win the Piston Cup!? We’ll have to wait and see!

At the end of the action-packed evening, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible arrive for an epic dance party.

We’re sold! Our families would love every moment of this fun-filled area. To reserve a spot at Pixar Play Zone, call 407-824-KIDS.

And to keep the excitement going, check out some of our favorite Pixar-inspired crafts and recipes:

toy story aliens
Image source: Jen Wood

Toy Story Aliens Pizza Donuts

Nirvana is coming…if you make these Toy Story Alien Pizza Donuts. They’re almost too cute to eat.

mr. incredible cupcake
Image source: Disney Family

Mr. Incredible Cupcakes

Even after being relegated to a desk job, Mr. Incredible continues to battle evil in his spare time. This treat, inspired by the logo on the popular super’s crime-fighting suit, makes a fitting tribute to an equally deserving hero.

buzz lightyear
Image source: Disney family

Buzz Lightyear Jetpack

To infinity and beyond! Create your own Buzz Lightyear Jetpack and let your imagination soar.

Image source: Disney Family

Lightning McQueen & Mater Box Car Costumes

Rev your creative engines! Gather your trusty pit crew and make these Cars-inspired box car costumes. Add McQueen and Mater’s signature detailing, and your little ones are ready to have some serious fun.

jessie costume
Image source: Lily Glass

Jessie-Approved Cowgirl Costume

Yee-haw! Your little one can channel Jessie’s free-spirited cowgirl style with a fun DIY costume. All you need is a collared shirt, old pair of jeans, some paint, and accessories. A horse wouldn’t hurt either!

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