Throw the Perfect Pizza Party This #DisneyWeekend

Image source: Elise Apffel | Jean Yap| Disney Family

If there’s one thing we always want to see on the menu, it’s pizza. With mountains of gooey cheese and delicious sauce on top of a crunchy crust, it’s impossible to think this meal could get any better. And yet, we’ve found a way to improve it with Disney flair!

From Winnie the Pooh-shaped mini pizzas to pizza cookies that look like Mickey and his gang, there are limitless options for throwing the perfect pizza party! Show us how you’re paying tribute to this delicious meal with the hashtag #DisneyWeekend on Instagram!

Mickey Pizza Pretzels

These delicious and adorable Mickey Pizza Pretzels are great for beginner (and little) bakers. And if you ask us, there’s no better way to enjoy a pretzel than with pizza toppings. Oh, boy!

Image source: Elise Apffel | Disney Family

Mini Winnie the Pooh Pizzas

Nothing quite satisfies that rumbly in your tumbly like pizza! With the help of premade pizza dough, these Mini Winnie the Pooh Pizzas come together in a snap—perfect for a last-minute lunch this #DisneyWeekend.

winnie the pooh pizzas
Image source: Elise Apffel | Disney family

Mickey Pizza Dip

This dish is the perfect thing to serve on a cozy night in or bring to a fun gathering. It has all the right ingredients necessary for a happy and hearty snack.

pull apart pizza
Image source: Irene Lee | Disney Family

Mickey & Friends Dessert Pizza

Why limit pizza to just dinner when you can have it for dessert!? This Mickey & Friends pizza is created entirely of meringue—and is super cute for a #DisneyWeekend pizza party!

Image source: Jean Yap | Disney Family

Mickey Pizza Cookies

You absolutely knead these a-dough-rable Mickey Pizza Cookies in your life! Indulge in this sweet treat with your family and friends.

pizza cookies
Image source: Vickie Liu | Disney Family

Heart-Shaped Mickey Pepperoni Pizza

Get a PIZZA the magic this #DisneyWeekend with a Mickey Pepperoni Pizza! Your family will fall in love after one bite of this heart-shaped pizza with Mickey-shaped pepperoni.

mickey pepperoni pizza
Image source: Disney Family

Toy Story Aliens Pizza

What’s better than a pizza party with your kids? One with Toy Story Aliens! Your little ones are sure to say “OooOoOoOoOohhhh!” when they enjoy this delicious pizza featuring the cute characters they know and love.

alien pizza
Image source: Lee Ming Li | Disney Family

Mickey Breakfast Pizza

Start your day with a savory surprise that’s sure to bring a smile to your kiddo’s face. With just a few ingredients and a little Mickey magic, your family will be enjoying these mini pizzas for breakfast!

breakfast pizza
Image source: Disney family

For more Disney magic, watch Mickey Pizza Box:

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