Make Your Kid’s Dreams Come True With a Smash Cake This #DisneyWeekend

Image source: Susan Ng | Heather Wong | Disney Family

If you aren’t familiar with a smash cake, we’re about to give you a delicious education. These pint-sized desserts are usually presented to a little one on their first birthday as their introduction to sweets—and the reactions are incredible. It’s the one time we will encourage our kiddos to cover themselves head-to-toe in frosting.

In honor of this fun, new tradition we’ve rounded up some tasty Disney-inspired smash cakes for you to whip up with your family! Show us which recipe you decide to try out with the hashtag #DisneyWeekend on Instagram.

mickey confetti smash cake
Image source: Elise Apffel | Disney Family

Mickey Confetti Smash Cake

Disney-fy your little one’s birthday cake with this colorful and totally edible confetti recipe! Just think how adorable your tyke will look this #DisneyWeeekend enjoying a Mickey Confetti Smash Cake.

donald duck birthday cake
Image source: Jen Wood | Disney Family

Mini Donald Duck Cake

The details on this decadent delight will wow your family and friends, and tickle their taste buds.

Image source: Heather Wong | Disney Family

Up Smash Cake

Watch as this Up Smash Cake takes flight with edible balloon toppers made from just a few ingredients.

stitch smash cake
Image source: Susan Ng | Disney Family

Stitch Chiffon Cake

Your tyke will have a blast indulging in this Stitch Chiffon Cake. So, gather your ingredients and get to work on this Experiment 626 cake for a fun-filled #DisneyWeekend.

disney dome cakes
Image source: Joanne Lu | Disney Family

Disney Dome Cakes

If you’re concerned about your tyke making a big mess—these tiny Disney Dome Cakes will do the trick. Underneath the colorful candy shells is a white chocolate mousse filling, which sits on a layer of fluffy vanilla cake.

mickey cake
Image source: Elise Appfel | Disney Family

Mini Mickey Mouse Cake

Throwing a Mickey-themed birthday bash for your little one? This mini cake is the perfect addition! Not only is it the right size for some serious smashing (because that’s what this is all about, right?) but it’s easy enough to create too.

For more Disney smash cake fun, check out this adorable video:

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