18 Unexpected Disney-Inspired Baby Names

We’re always looking for baby name-inspiration, it’s one of our favorite hobbies! We realized some of the best names could actually be right in front of us — in our favorite Disney films. From Dinah to Willow, there are many monikers we never considered until we were binging some of Walt’s classics.

Here are 18 unexpected Disney-inspired baby names …

1. Adella, The Little Mermaid

Fun fact, all of Ariel’s sister have names that start with the letter “A,” which leaves us with a whole slew of options. Our favorite is Adella, because it can also pay tribute to our favorite soul-crushing singer, Adele.

2. Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Whether you’re hoping your little one inherits this princess’ avid love for reading, or you want her to twinkle like everyone’s favorite sassy fairy, Tink, Belle is a sweet name for a baby girl.

3. Charlotte, The Princess and the Frog

Hopefully your baby won’t take on the diva-like qualities of Tiana’s longtime friend, Charlotte. This name has recently topped the baby name charts, but if you’re still in love with it, you can claim you got it from this Disney film, not Will and Kate. 

4. Clayton, Tarzan

Sure, he’s technically the “bad guy” in the film, but that doesn’t mean his name isn’t great. We wouldn’t mind seeing our own little Clayton monkeying around the house someday.

5. Dinah, Alice in Wonderland

Alice’s kitten certainly doesn’t get enough recognition! Sure, Dinah is a great name for a pet, but we think it would make a much better name for a baby girl.

6. Duke, Frozen

The Duke of Weselton may have been up to no good when he came to Elsa’s kingdom, Arendelle, but we love the name Duke! We’re willing to forgive his shortcomings to embrace this trendy name.

7. Ellie, UP

Who wouldn’t want to be named after the greatest Disney love story of all time? Although Ellie’s time is short-lived in the movie, she’s made an impact on Pixar fans for life. The character was actually named after the director’s own daughter. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us!

8. Evangeline, The Princess and the Frog

Raymond, the firefly, had fallen head over heels for “Evangeline.” So what if she was technically just a star? This name is beautiful and would be fitting for your little angel-to-be.

9. Faline, Bambi

Who is the prettiest deer in all of the forest? Why that would be Bambi’s love interest, Faline. This name is so delicate, we can’t help but fantasize about using it for our own doe-eyed child.

10. Flynn, Tangled

We’ve always had a crush on Rapunzel’s man, Flynn Rider. While some may prefer his birth name, Eugene, we can’t help but enjoy the name he has given himself. We’re all about having a little Flynn of our own — we just have to remember not to let him persuade us with “the smolder.”

11. Gus, Cinderella

You’ll recognize this mouse as the plump companion of Cinderella. In the film he goes by Gus-Gus, but his name is short for Octavius. Whether you like his full name or his nickname, we think Gus is an adorable name for a future chunky-legged baby.

12. Hera, Hercules

It takes a strong woman to tame the mighty Zeus — and to give birth to baby Hercules! In Greek mythology, Hera means “goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth.” We can’t think of a more valuable goddess!

13. Jasper, 101 Dalmatians

Do you have high hopes of dressing your son as a hipster? They only thing that would pair better with baby suspenders is the name Jasper. You could even have your baby take a style tip from his 101 Dalmatians character and sport a newspaper cap!

14. Oswald, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Is there anything cuter than Oswald? We’re not sure. With a classic Disney name like this (he was created before Mickey Mouse!) your kid is sure to be the coolest on the playground. We’re also not opposed to a fun nickname like Ozzy.

15. Rex, Toy Story

Combine your love for dinosaurs and Toy Story with the name Rex. It will certainly be one of a kind — and your future child will have a breeze learning to write his name!

16. Sarafina, The Lion King

The lesser known of the lions in The Lion King, Sarafina is the name of Nala’s mother. She’s Sarabi’s BFF (another awesome name for consideration), and we think her moniker is gorgeous.

17. Sebastian, The Little Mermaid

While he may be a bit bossy and paranoid, we’ve always admired Sebastian for his singing voice and super cool name. We can totally picture our own Sebastian splashing around in the kiddie pool with his friends.

18. Willow, Pocahontas

There is no one more wise than Pocahontas’ Grandmother Willow. Just hearing the word “willow” makes us think of peaceful elegance. We can only hope our future baby girl will give us some quiet moments of peace, too.

Posted 4 years Ago
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