It’s time to make your family’s Halloween plans official. Not sure what to do? Have no fear! Mickey’s crafts, activities and spooktacular treats are here!

Mickey Halloween Online Invitation


Make your house the meeting spot for the big trick-or-treat events. Send an online invitation to all your friends and use the time you save by e-mailing to focus on preparing the rest of the haunted happenings!

Vampire Mickey Pumpkin


Your guests will know they’ve arrived at your door when they spot these Disney pumpkins on your front porch.

Franken-Goofy Cupcakes


Psst.. Goofy told us he wants to don a new look this Halloween that’s Franken-ly frightful. Treat your guests with Franken-Goofy Cupcakes.

Vampire Mickey Candy Box


On the scare-o-meter, Mickey’s barely a squeal, which makes him the perfect special guest at your Halloween dinner table. Print out this 3D papercraft Mickey and fill with tiny treats for dessert!

Disney Halloween Countdown Calendar


Now that you have your Halloween all planned, count down the 13 thrilling days to October 31st. There’s plenty of frightful fun to keep you busy until Halloween!

Posted 5 years Ago
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