Biblically, the name Joseph holds a lot of significance. Not only was he the son of Jacob who ended up ruling Egypt, he is the husband of the Virgin Mary and therefore, foster father of Jesus, and the name of the follower who took Jesus down from the cross after the crucifixtion. It is also one of the most popular names in the United States, remaining in the top 15 for all but three years since 1880.


  • Hebrew: May God give increase


Joey, Joe



International Variations

Seosaph, Jozsef, Josephe, Giuseppe, Josep, Josef, Joselito, Jose, Hovsep, Joey

Famous Namesakes

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Actor Joseph Fiennes, Vice President Joseph Biden, Author Joseph Conrad

Celebrity Babies

Son of Kristin Scott-Thomas, Son of Judy Garland, Son of Kevin Costner, Son of Patricia Richardson, Son of Ray Romano