The shorter, and, let’s face it, cuter version of the serious Marcus, Mark has been a perennial favorite for parents to name their little boys. And why not? Those boys will have plenty of inspirations to choose from whether it’s the apostle Mark from the Bible, or Cleopatra’s other half Mark Antony, or Tristan’s uncle from the medieval “Tristan and Isolde.” While it’s not quite as hot as it once was, it’s still an easy, breezy timeless choice.




International Variations

Marten, Marquise, Markus, Marek, Maleko, Marton

Alternate Spellings

Martyn, Marque, Marq

Famous Namesakes

Actor Mark Wahlberg, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Actor Mark Harmon, Writer Mark Twain, Swimmer Mark Spitz, Baseball player Mark McGwire, Roman general and statesman Mark Antony, Entrepreneur Mark Cuban

Celebrity Babies

Son of Dan Aykroyd, Son of Tom Jones, Son of Sammy Davis, Jr., Son of Mike Ditka