If you think your baby is just “the greatest,” then Max is the name for him. While Max fell out of vogue at the turn of the century, it’s slowly, but surely, making a comeback judging from all of the celebrity babies with the moniker. And Max sounds much more approachable than it’s intimidating older brothers, Maximum and Maximillian. Interesting fact: there have been several Nobel Prize winners named Max. Coincidence? We think not.


  • Latin: Greatest; a nickname for names such as Maximilian and Maxwell, but also an independent name




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Famous Namesakes

Hockey Hall of Famer Max Bentley, Painter Max Beckmann, Nobel Prize winner Max Born, Actor Max Greenfield

Celebrity Babies

Son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Son of Christina Aguilera, Son of Charlie Sheen, Son of Dustin Hoffman, Son of Cynthia Nixon