There’s just something so cool about the ever-fashionable Stephen. Maybe it’s the rebellious “ph” spelling, or his inspiring backstory. In the New Testament, Stephen was an inspired leader of the church. A speech of his stirred an angry mob and he was stoned, becoming Christianity’s first martyr. Although the name’s taken the slightlest dip in popularity in recent years, this is a name that’s not going anywhere.



Stevie, Steve



International Variations

Stephano, Stefanos, Stefano, Staffan, Istvan, Stevie, Steve, Steven, Esteban

Alternate Spellings

Steven, Stefon, Steffon, Steafan

Famous Namesakes

Actor Stephen Baldwin, Political satirist Stephen Colbert, Author Stephen King, Physicist Stephen Hawking, Actor Stephen Dorff

Celebrity Babies

Son of Archie Campbell, Son of Barry Gibb, Son of Gregory Peck, Son of Jean Kennedy Smith, Son of Marie Osmond, Son of Robert Altman