What do Dumbo’s mouse best friend, a former James Bond, and the biblical companion of Paul all have in common? They were all named Timothy, of course. This biblical boys’ name tends to move in and out of vogue, but is always a well-liked and solid choice. If Timothy is too much of a mouthful for you, don’t worry, it comes pre-equipped with the loveable nickname Tim (who could forget adorable Tiny Tim from “A Christmas Carol”?).





Biblical, Exotic, Word

Famous Namesakes

Actor Timothy Hutton, Actor Tim Robbins, Actor Timothy Olyphant, Football player Tim Tebow, Comedian Tim Allen, Actor Tim Roth, Actor Timothy Dalton

Celebrity Babies

Son of Tim Roth, Son of Gene Kelly, Son of Marlon Brando, Son of Roy Disney, Son of Eunice Kennedy Shriver