Grace is one of those classic girl names that never seems to go out of style. It follows in the vein of other virtuous-sounding names like Hope and Faith that mean exactly what they say. Grace is also as equally in demand as a middle name as it is as a first name. Just know that it is an extremely popular name, so if you love the sound of it but want something a little more unique, try Grayson or Gracie instead.



Gracie, Gracelyn



International Variations

Graciela, Gracelynne, Gracie, Gracelyn

Famous Namesakes

Princess Grace Kelly, Singer Grace Jones

Celebrity Babies

Daughter of Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham, Daughter of Christy Turlington and Edward Burns, Daighter of Meryl Streep, Daighter of Kevin Costner, Daughter of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Daughter of Rupert Murdoch